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Today’s episode starts with Kartik thinking who is the person whom Kairav thought is Naira. He waits for Sirat. Sirat hides from all and make her entry in boxing ring. Kartik ON his mobile flash and stands shocked. There, Kairav prays to God to make Naira and Kartik meet. He says to God he too know its Naira but he is confused why she didn’t recognized her. Here, Kartik gets shocked seeing guard. He asks Guard what he is doing here. Guard tell to Kartik that he came to check whether room and windows are closed or not. He adds it never happened that some girl outside sneak into hostel. Other side, Sirat think wherever she goes children are after her. She gets pissed-off thinking about Kairav and leaves the school. Ahead, Kartik goes to Kairav. Kairav asks whether he met Naira or not. Kartik says there was no one. Kairav says he is not lying as he saw Naira. He asks him to take market place. Kartik refuses and asks Kairav to come back home. Kairav refuses to accompany Kartik home. Warden come and says to Kartik, Kairav must be stressed. Kartik decides to stay in nearby hotel to stay close to Kairav. Warden suggest to stay at school guest house. Kartik thanks the staff for helping him.

Goenka’s learn that Kartik is staying with Kairav for time being. Suwarna finds it fine and asks Manish to tell to Kartik not to worry about Akshu as they will take care of her. Late at night, Kairav dreams of Sirat and wakes up from the sleep taking Naira’s name. Karitk says to Kairav that he too dreams of Naira every day. Kairav says he saw Naira in real. He asks Kartik to take her to market place. Kartik thinks to go to market place to cross-check. Other side, Sirat practice boxing. She gets upset seeing Sonu’s birthday celebration. Sirat’s grandmother feels bad for Sirat.

Afterwards, Kartik goes to market place. He recalls about Naira. He shows Naira’s picture to people and enquires about her. Mauri comes to the same market. Kartik helps her. Mauri gets impressed with Kartik later gets upset learning Kartik has a child. Kartik decides to drop Sirat’s grandmother home. Here, Sirat recalls her childhood and cries. Sonu come and makes Sirat jealous showing gifts. Sirat about to catch Sonu but her dress gets interrupted. Here, Kairav prays to God to make Kartik meet Naira else he will not believe him. Kartik drop Mauri home. He fails to see Sirat. Sirat asks Mauri who dropped her home. Mauri says a good boy. She further convinces Sirat to wish Sonu happy birthday being an elder sister. Sirat get ready to meet Sonu. Sirat’s mother gets upset seeing Sirat at birthday party. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik and Sirat’s hit and miss moment!.