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In today’s episode; Abhimanyu asks Arohi to stop. He says to her that she has spoken much. Abhimanyu asks Arohi if she know what is love. He adds if she would have known the meaning of love than she would have understood Akshara’s sacrifice. Abhimanyu calls Arohi mean. He discloses in front of family that Akshara saved him from the campfire but Arohi took the credit. Abhimanyu asks Arohi if she know why Akshara was mum because latter doesn’t want to lose her. He says Akshara love Arohi so much that she even distanced herself from him. Abhimanyu discloses to Goenkas and Birlas that Arohi went today to buy MD degree. He says Arohi lie to everyone. Neel think it was good he revealed about Arohi’s lie to Abhimanyu.

Manish asks Arohi if Abhimanyu is saying true. Mahima says she always doubted Arohi. Harsh adds Akshara and Arohi has messed up their life. Abhimanyu apologize to Arohi for backing off from the wedding. He adds he don’t know why she is accusing Akshara for losing her mother but she don’t have a right to raise question on Akshara because to understand her sacrifice she needs to become a good human.

Manjiri reveal to everyone that Akshara saved Abhimanyu from the molestation case. Kairav says Akshara went to save Abhimanyu against the family. Manish, Suhasini, Swarna accuse Arohi for lying to them. Manish says that Arohi put her down in front of all. Akshara tries to defend Arohi. Arohi asks Akshara to stop her drama. She adds she is best in everything and will remain. Arohi tell Mahima provoke her to higher her degree. She says she don’t think she did anything wrong. Arohi misbehaves with Mahima. Anand asks Arohi to behave. Mahima says Arohi’s attitude is not good being a doctor.

Arohi says because of Akshara she is in a bad light. She asks why no one is questioning Akshara. Arohi asks Akshara what she is doing at the temple with Abhimanyu. In the flashback Abhimanyu and Akshara share a talk. Akshara refuse to marry Abhimanyu without family consent. Abhimanyu agree with Akshara’s decision. Back to reality; Abhimanyu says he along with Akshara was coming to tell everyone the truth. He asks Akshara to confess her love in front of all. Akshara gets scared. Abhimanyu encourages Akshara to speak up. He says if Akshara will not speak up today than he will lose him forever. Akshara stands mum. Abhimanyu walks out from the temple. Akshara stops him. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Manish break his ties with Akshara. Arohi falls down from the stairs. Akshara and other stands shocked.

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