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In today’s episode, Arman says he didn’t lie to Abhira. Abhira says Arman didn’t say the truth about Ruhi. She tells Arman that Ruhi and Kaveri told her the truth. Arman says to Abhira that he only loves her. Abhira says Arman played with her and Ruhi. She asks Arman why he hides that Ruhi was his ex. Arman asks Abhira to understand him. He fears losing Abhira. Abhira breaks her tie with Arman. Arman says he can’t live without Abhira. Abhira asks Arman to forget her. Arman requests that Abhira listen to him once.

Abhira asks Arman to never show his face again. She asks Arman to never meet her again. Arman asks Abhira not to leave her. Krish, Manisha, Manoj, Aryan, and Kiara get happy thinking about Arman and Abhira returning home. Kaveri asks Manisha why she is dancing. Manisha says Arman and Abhira’s misunderstanding is over, and they will reunite. Kaveri taunts Manisha and says who told her that Arman and Abhira reunited.

Abhira questions God for showing her dreams about love and family. She vows to move on in her life. A man proposes to a girl. Abhira alerts the girl. She asks the girl not to trust any men, as they lie. Abhira asks the girl to come out of her delusion.

Arman breaks the glasses at the Poddar house. He confronts Kaveri about manipulating Abhira. Arman says Kaveri destroyed him fully. Kaveri says Arman keeps swinging between Ruhi and Abhira. She blames Arman. Arman accepts his mistake about not telling the truth to Abhira. He blames Kaveri for separating him from Abhira. Arman is shattered. Vidya feels bad for Arman.

Abhira tells Madhav that Ruhi is Arman’s ex. Madhav asks Abhira to tell him the full truth. Arman regrets not telling the truth to Abhira. He says he never loved Ruhi. Vidya consoles Arman. Arman talks about his infatuation with Ruhi. He regrets not understanding his feelings for Abhira.

Abhira gets angry at Arman. She tells Madhav that Kaveri revealed the truth. Madhav is shocked. Abhira refuses to cry because of Arman. Vidya says to Arman that Abhira is not right for him. She blames Abhira. Abhira vows to become India’s toughest lawyer. She decides to forget Arman. -Episode Ends

Precap: Vidya demands Kaveri bring back Madhav. Arman asks Madhav to return home for Vidya.

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