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In today’s episode, Abhira asks Kaveri not to treat Kiara as a kid. She says if Kaveri keeps slapping the kids, then they will never speak the truth. Kaveri asks Abhira if she is questioning her upbringing. Abhira says Kaveri questions Akshara’s upbringing. She adds that Kaveri’s hatred for her is winning over her family’s love. Manish, along with Swarna and Surekha, visit the Poddar house. Abhira asks Manish if everything is fine.

Manish talks to Kaveri. He asks to celebrate the happiness because time doesn’t stop for anyone. Manish tries to convince Kaveri to play Holi. Kaveri allows poddars to play Holi. Manish thanks Kaveri for playing Holi. Kaveri says she is particular about the rules and regulations, but she is not bad. Swarna blames Abhira. Manish tells Kaveri that Abhira wanted to play the holi with the family.

Manish looks for Ruhi. Vidya says Arman has gone to the office. Aryan, Krish, and Kiara get excited to see Arman. Arman makes his entry on a Holi song. Manisha praises Arman’s dance. Arman decides to make Holi the best for the poddars. Swarna looks for Ruhi. Ruhi brings a balloon for the family. Arman gets smitten by Ruhi.

Abhira interrupts Ruhi and Arman. She asks the poddars to stop ruining the white clothes. Manisha asks Abhira to think like poddars. Manish praises Abhira. Swarna and Ruhi make faces. The poddars wish Kaveri. Vidya asks Kaveri to bless her. Kaveri expects Vidya to be her best daughter-in-law.

Kiara and Aryan try to put color on Ruhi. Ruhi refuses to play Holi. She wants Arman to put color first. Arman decides to play Holi with Kaveri. Ruhi sees Arman. She decides to play color with Arman. Manisha sees Ruhi. She pushes Abhira. Arman helps Abhira. He asks Abhira to learn to walk properly. Abhira says Manisha pushed her.

Kiara, Aryan, Charu, and Krish decide to prepare Thandai. Aryan orders him to make a special thandai. The poddars play a Thandai drinking competition. Abhira and Ruhi compete. The poddrs cheer for Ruhi and Abhira. Ruhi wins the competition. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira gets drunk. She decides to tell the familythe truth about her wedding  Arman helps Abhira. Ruhi discloses her affair to the poddars. Arman gets shocked.

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