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In today’s episode, Abhira asks Arman what he is doing here. Arman asks Abhira what she was doing on the road. Abhira asks Arman to go back to Ruhi. Arman says Abhira wanted to get separated from him. Abhira confesses her love for Arman. Arman asks Abhira why she walked out of his house. Abhira says this because the poddars will never accept her. Arman asks Abhira to come out of her dream. Abhira imagines Arman in her dream.

Swarna says what happened was not right. Manish asks Swarna why she didn’t stop Ruhi’s roka. Swarna says Ruhi and Arman are made for each other. Manish feels bad for Abhira. Swarna and Surekha confront Manish about supporting Abhira. Manish says no one thinks about Abhira. He feels bad that Abhira was present at Arman and Ruhi’s engagement. Swarna asks Manish to understand that Ruhi and Arman are going to get married soon. Manish says Ruhi is going to ruin her life, and she has taken her first step.

Ruhi decides to spend some time with Arman. She asks Arman to say something. Arman hesitates to talk to Ruhi. Ruhi hugs Arman. Arman hesitates to hug Ruhi back. Ruhi decides to wait for Arman’s hug. She further asks Arman to choose a groom for Charu. Arman says Charu should focus on her career. Ruhi says Sanjay and Kaveri will not allow. She asks Arman to help her. Arman supports Ruhi. He thinks about Abhira.

Abhira’s owner stalks her. She fights with her owner for her reputation. Abhira asks the owner to fix the lock; otherwise, she will call the police.

On the other side, Abhira thinks about Arman. Ruhi decided to post on social media. Abhira sees the post. She remembers Arman. Arman thinks about Abhira. He loses his ring. Arman wonders why he is thinking too much about Abhira. Ruhi gets happy thinking about Arman. Arman thinks Abhira might have gotten a job by now.

Swarna and Surekha ask Manish to transfer money for Ruhi’s money. Manish learns he is out of money.

Abhira learns that she needs $50,000 to fix the kitchen of her resort. Elsewhere, Kaveri decides to call a wedding planner to plan Ruhi and Arman’s wedding. Ruhi asks Kaveri not to spend too much money.

Sanjay asks a man not to give a job to Abhira. Abhira overhears Sanjay’s conversation. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira becomes a wedding planner for Ruhi and Arman. Arman asks Abhira why she is doing such work.

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