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In today’s episode, Sanjay asks a man not to give a job to Abhira. A man asks Sanjay the reason. Sanjay asks the man if he wants his uncle to become a lawyer, and then he should follow his order. Abhira sees Sanjay. Sanjay thinks Abhira wanted to ruin his kids, and now she should worry about her life.

Abhira complained to God for messing with her life always. She gets a job offer from a wedding planning company. Abhira takes up the job to save her hotel. Abhira’s boss decides to do her makeover.

Kaveri, Vidya, and Manisha wait for a wedding planner. Kaveri’s health worsens. Vidya asks Manisha to do the meeting with the wedding planner on their behalf. She decides to take back Kaveri. Abhira decides to do the meeting with the client.

Abhira bumps into Kaveri’s car. Kaveri and Vidya have doubts about Abhira. Abhira bumps into Manisha. Manisha asks Abhira why she is ignoring her. Abhira says she doesn’t’ want Manisha to fall into any trouble. Abhira learns that she is the wedding planner for Arman and Ruhi. Manisha is stunned. Abhira decides to go back.

Charu praises Ruhi for serving good food. Aryan and Kiara compare Ruhi’s food with Abhira’s. Krish supports Abhira. Arman takes a stand for Ruhi. He asks Aryan, Kiara, and Krish to accept Ruhi. Arman says Abhira is not going to come back. Abhira makes her entry. She dances to impress the poddars. The poddars are shocked to see Abhira.

Abhira thinks she will plan Arman and Ruhi’s wedding. Manisha and Madhav get happy. Abhira decides to handle the poddars. Kaveri reacts to seeing Abhira. Abhira tells the poddars that she is a wedding planner. Kaveri refuses to hire Abhira.

Sanjay asks Kaveri to break Abhira’s confidence instead of taking her job. He asks Kaveri to humiliate Abhira. Kaveri gets convinced. She treats Abhira badly. Madhav confronts Kaveri. Kaveri says Abhira wants to break Arman and Ruhi’s relationship, but she will break her. Madhav alerted Kaveri. He doubts Abhira and Arman’s relationship might get another chance.
Kaveri asks Ruhi not to worry. Abhira decides to focus on her work. Kaveri decides to trouble Abhira. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira selects Ruhi’s wedding dress. Arman asks Abhira what she is up to. Abhira says she is a wedding planner, and Arman is her client.

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