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Today’s episode starts with Kartik recalling Kairav’s word and sits alone. Naksh comes and shares a talk with Kartik. He asks Kartik if he is upset. Kartik says no. Naksh says not with him but from Naira. He suggests Kartik to sit a share a talk with Naira to resolve the issue. Naksh says he knows he is mature enough but he is just making him understand that both of them keep different point of view still both can be right. Kartik says to Naksh that he don’t want to discuss anything over this issue. Naksh prays to God to support Naksh.

There, Naira goes to Gayu. Gayu watches Vansh’s video. Naira says to Gayu that she wants to talk with her. Gayu says to Naira if she is here to lecture her and support Kairav than she doesn’t have a time to listen. Naira says to Gayu that Kairav can’t push Vansh as she was mistaken. She says Kairav in unconscious state was repeating he didn’t push Vansh. Naira says it was her mistake to misunderstand Kairav. Gayu defends and says Kairav fainted and she is changing her decision. She comes to a conclusion. Naira asks Gayu not to do this. Suhasini and Manish asks Gayu why she is creating a drama.

Gayu accuses Goenka’s for not accepting her and Vansh ever. Kartik says to Gayu that she is not right. Gayu says every time Naira is right and all are wrong. She says during Luv and Kush she was screaming justice but now for Kairav she is numb. Gayu goes to Surekha and asks if she can understand her pain. Surekha says she can understand because Luv and Kush is staying separately from her. She accuses Naira. Ahkilesh says to Surekha that Luv Kush was guilty.

Gayu says ever since Naira came in her life she was important for all and always she and her children were always sidelined. She accuses Manish and Suwarna for always being biased towards her, Samarth and Vansh Vatsal. Gayu says Goenka’s only knows to support Kartik, Naira and Kairav. Manish says intentionally they didn’t do anything. Gayu pours her hatered towards Goenkas’. Naira says to Gayu she is not doing right by accusing Manish. Gayu says Manish never wanted to give Mumbai project to Samarth but after Naira convinced he did it. She says Kartik, Naira and Kairav is important for Goenka’s and rest are living on Goenaka’s crumble pieces. Goenkas’ stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik decides to leave the house.