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Today’s episode starts with Kartik asking Krishna if she has answered all the questions. Krishna says she has but not in English. Manish interrupts and says era is instant but human brain is not a Photostat machine to learn anything overnight. Ahead, Kartik and Naira tells to family that Krishna’s admission didn’t happen in the school. Kaira and Krishna gets upset. Kairav feels bad hearing Krishna’s admission didn’t happened.

Later, Krishna feels sad for not performing well. Kairav, Vansh and Krish come and try to console Krishna. Afterwards, Kaira tells to Krishna that principal changed his decision and agrees for Krishna’s admission. Kairav, Vansh and Krish congratulate Krishna. Krishna gets happy too. She tells to Goenka’s but Suhasini and others ignore her.

Ahead, Suhasini decides to celebrate Dusshera for Akshara’s sake. Gayu says it’s Vatsal’s first Dusshera too. Suhasini says yes. Kartik and Naira decides to keep ‘Ramleela’ for entertainment and also to bring Keerti and Naksh closer. Kairav and others gets excited. Later, Manish and Suhasini sees ‘Ramleela’ pictures of Kartik’s childhood. Kairav comes and Manish asks him to turn Lord Ram for the drama. Kairav gets excited.

Kairav goes to Vansh, Krish and Krishna that he is going to become Lord Ram for the ‘Ramleela’. Vansh says he wants to become Lord Ram too but compromise later. Gayu gets upset hearing Vansh.

Other side, Naira goes to Keerti and tries to learn whether Keerti still loves Naksh or not? Keerti avoids the talk. Further, Gayu shocks Naira and Keerti by accusing Goenka’s still differentiate between the children.

Here, Kairav gets happy thinking Lord Ram. Meanwhile, Manish tells to Kartik that Naksh has filed case for Krish’s custody. He gets angry on Naksh. Kartik says he will handle the matter.

There, Naksh says to Devyani and Bhabhi Maa that he is doing right. Kartik calls Naksh and asks him not to miss Krish’s childhood. Moving ahead, Naira and Kartik keep a cookie bowl with a chit to decide which child will play what character of Ramayna. Episode ends with Kairav getting upset when in his chit he gets to play the role of Ravana. Karitk asks Kairav why he can’t play Ravana. Kairav runs from there.

Precap: Suhasini scolds Krishna.