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Today’s episode starts with Naira thinking of Kartik’s word and gets confused. She says she can’t believe Kartik is behind the accident. She further goes to check the CCTV footage on the accident road. Naira sees their car and thinks who is driving the car which is not run by Kartik. She calls Surekha to confirm about the car. Surekha says the car which she is talking about was in the garage. Naira then spots Surekha giving money to someone and asks him not to let anyone know about the car.

There, Kartik thinks once he will sign the confession and everything will be fine. Naira goes back to home and doubts Surekha. She shares with Suwarna that she doubts maybe Surekha did the accident. Suwarna asks Naira to stop doubting their family mates. Naira decides to talk with Surekha but Surekha refuses to talk with her.

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ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है अपडेट: नायरा ने लिया चोंकाने वाला फैसला!

Further, Kartik recalls his moments with Naira. He dreams of Naira. Later, Naira learns that Surekha went to Durga nagar to meet Luv and Khush. There, Suhasini cries and makes food for Kartik. She asks Naira to find the truth as soon as possible. Ahead, Suhasini visit Kartik and gives Naira’s letter to him. She asks him to don’t throw it before reading it. Kartik reads the letter. He learns that Naira will find the truth because she has strong belief that he won’t leave a person on the road. Kartik thinks Naira can’t reach the truth else everything will be messed up.

There, Naira learns from Manish and Akhilesh that Sita signed that deal instantly and is also ready to do conference. She recalls the past. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Naira confronts Kartik.