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In today’s episode, Arman says Sanjay doesn’t have a right to insult Abhira. Sanjay accuses Abhira. Arman asks Sanjay to remember that Abhira is his wife. Sanjay gets stunned. Arman brings Abhira to the room.

Abhira laughs. Arman asks Abhira the reason. Abhira says she is laughing at his dramatic joke. Arman and Abhira spend quality time together. Ruhi spots Arman and Abhira. Abhira sees a wound on Arman’s neck. She confronts Arman. Abhira gives first aid to Arman. Ruhi gets jealous to see Arman and Abhira. Arman sees Ruhi. Abhira asks Arman where he is looking. Abhira asks Arman if he is worrying about Krish. Arman says he doesn’t want to upset Kaveri. Abhira hatches a plan to convince Kaveri. She decides to take the poddars to Krish’s college to showcase his talent. Arman likes the idea. Abhira asks Arman if he is fine.

Arman remembers Rohit. He says that after Rohit, he can’t afford to lose Krish. Abhira decided to support Krish. Kaveri learns Arman insults Sanjay for Abhira’s sake. Manisha claims Sanjay was wrong. Sanjay decides to leave the house. He orders Kajal to never enter Poddar House. Kaveri asks Sanjay not to get upset. Sanjay drags Kajal out of the house. Kaveri calls out Arman.

Arman and Abhira get stunned. Kaveri asks Arman to bow down in front of Sanjay and apologize. Sanjay says Arman listens only to Abhira. The poddars stand stunned. Arman apologizes to Sanjay. Kaveri gets happy. Sanjay forgives. Arman says he will never want to lose Kajal and Sanjay.

Kaveri welcomes Sanjay. Mainsha decides to bring sweets for everyone. Arman asks Sanjay to apologize to Abhira as well. He says Sanjay insulted Abhira too. Sanjay asks Kaveri to see what Arman is saying. Kaveri asks Arman what he is saying. Sanjay refuses to forgive Abhira.

Arman takes a stand for Abhira. He decides to take responsibility for Abhira. Sanjay refuses to apologize to Abhira. Arman breaks the tie with Sanjay. Sanjay leaves the house with Kajal. Kaveri asks Arman to go and bring back Sanjay. Arman takes a stand for Abhira. Kaveri taunted Arman for being Abhira’s puppet. Arman asks Kaveri to calm down.

Kaveri against Abhira. She gets angry with Arman too. Charu and Krish discuss their careers. Charu asks Krish to hide from the family if he wants to make his career. Arman worries about Abhira and Kaveri. Vidya asks Arman to relax. Arman questions why men can’t support their wives. Vidya supports Arman. Arman considers Abhira his responsibility. Ruhi gets happy. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira asks Ruhi what she is doing in Arman’s cabin. Ruhi says she is Arman’s friend. Abhira claims she is Arman’s wife.

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