The Episode starts with Devyani searching for Kairav and gets shocked to see Kairav drenched. Kartik says he wants best birthday celebration for Kairav and Event manager tries to explain all plans are latest. Kartik says these latest are happening everywhere but he needs new and unique style of celebration.

Karthik gives a hard time to event managers to come up with a unique arrangement for Kairav’s party. Manish says to do whatever he wanted to do for his son but not to forget that his son also going to celebrate his birthday. They share hug. seeing them Gayu asks Samarth to change his ways. He tries to leave but She questions Vansh is not his kid that’s why he is not leaving any chance to scold him. Samarth asks her why to raise the topic when she already knows his answer.

Kartik announces to family tomorrow they have to celebrate his son birthday in amazing way. Naira thinks hope Kairav won’t get sick and then she checks her gift to Kairav and thinks about what to gift for Kartik being his Ex wife.

Kartik thinks he is so happy like never before and whole Goenka family reaches to Singhania mansion in the Midnight to surprise Kairav. Seeing Naira in dark they thinks Kairav is with her but later they are shocked to see Naira alone without Kairav.

Kartik asks Naira about Kairav and she says he is sleeping and have slight fever. She tried to wake him up but he is not waking up. In room Kairav thinks he don’t want to meet his father that’s why acting like he is in sleep. When Kartik tries to leave the place Naira wishes him for his birthday. Dadi says they forgot kittu birthday while thinking about chote kittu. Everyone wishes Kartik. Naira and Kartik share cute moment remembering their past happy birthday moments.

Kartik asks Naira to bring Kairav to their house immediately once he wakeup in the morning. Naira promises to Kartik and They share emotional eyelock while leaving the place.

Naira wakes up Kairav with her birthday wishes. Once he gets gift from Naira, he says he wants to sleep. Naira excitingly says they have to reach Goenka mansion to celebrate his birthday and his father is waiting for his arrival. Kairav says he is sleepy and don’t want to go anywhere.
Kartik checks party arrangements and waiting for Kairav, his family suggests to get relaxed for sometime. But he says he needs to check everything to make it perfect for his son.

Naira and whole family tries to wake him up but Kairav says he want to sleep. Naira gets Kartik messages and he asks him when they r going to reach venue. Naira says he gets angry if she informs Kairav is not ready. Kairav wakes up instantly and ask her to get him ready& says he don’t want her to get scoldings from Kartik because of him. (Episode Ends)