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In today’s episode, Abhir writes to Lord Shiva. He says one last question he wants to know why his real father is not with Akshara. Abhir wants to know why Akshara and his real father arent’ together. Abhimanyu spots Abhinav taking care of Akshara. He explains to Abhir that Akshara is not wrong as she is good. He adds maybe his real father might be at mistake. Abhimanyu asks Abhir whatever might be a reason, he should never blame him. He adds Abhir is world’s best kid. Abhimanyu hugs Abhir. Abhinav calls out Abhir. He asks Abhir if he is done talking with Abhimanyu than he will drop him to the school. Abhir leaves Abhimanyu’s hand and goes with Abhinav.

Abhinav asks Abhir to study well. He says doctor gave him permission to play football for 15 mins. Abhinav tells to Abhir that Neelima will pick him because he has to take Akshara for her exam. Abhir asks Abhinav why he loves him. Abhinav tells to Abhir that because he is his son. Abhir asks if he would have loved him same way if he isn’t his son. Abhinav sit stunned. He asks Abhir to go to the school. Abhinav wonder why Abhir asked such question. He doubt if Abhimanyu told anything to Abhir. Abhinav worries.

Akshara pray to God to pass her in exam. She confesses becoming a good lawyer for Abhir, Abhinav and her family. Abhimanyu encourages Akshara for her exam. He says she never failed in her life and will pass the law exam too. Akshara learned Abhinav is stuck in the traffic because of landslide. She decides to board a bus to go to exam center. Akshara tells to Abhimanyu, she is going to board a bus. She asks Abhimanyu to give keys to Neelima if he wants to go out. Akshara runs to exam center.

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Kairav confesses his love for Muskaan in front of Manish. He says earlier he don’t want to accept he can fall in love again. Kairav says now he can’t stay away from Muskaan. Manish says if Muskaan will believe in his love than he will convince Abhinav and Neelima.

Akshara misses her bus. Abhimanyu brings a taxi to help Akshara. He convinces Akshara to sit in the car. Akshara fails to remember her chapter. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to relax and do cheating if she doesn’t remember anything. Akshara think she did a mistake by sitting in the car. She thinks everything is going wrong since morning. Abhimanyu shares his exam experience with Akshara.

Elsewhere, along with Surekha, Suhasini refuse to accept Kairav and Muskaan’s alliance. Akshara prepares for her exam. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu to help Abhir in finding about his real father. Akshara accuses Abhimanyu for revealing the truth. Abhimanyu tell to Akshara that Abhir learned the truth because of them. Akshara decide to go to Abhir instead of going to exam. Abhimanyu encourages Akshara not to miss her exam. Akshara refuse to take Abhimanyu’s help to go to exam center. [Episode Ends]

Precap:  Abhinav gets Abhir’s letter. Abhir asks Akshara about his real father.

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