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In today’s episode, Kaveri calls out Abhira. Manisha asks Abhira to go. Vidya asks Manisha why she is too friendly with Abhira. Manisha refuses. The Goenkas decide on a bride for Manav. Ruhi suggests it for her batchmate. Vikram thinks about Ruhi. Ruhi worries about Arman. Vikram says he wants Ruhi for Manav. Manish, Swarna, and Surekha get shocked. Ruhi gets happy to see Arman online.

Manish tells Vikram that Kaveri will not let Ruhi move on in her life. Vikram says Rohit isn’t coming back, and Ruhi can’t spend her whole life alone. He decides to talk with Kaveri. Manish says Manav and Ruhi need to like each other. He asks Vikram to let their kids decide. Ruhi thinks Arman is trying to avoid her. Manish asks Vikram if their friendship will not be disturbed, even after Ruhi and Manav don’t like each other. Vikram assures Manish. He asks Swarna to consider Ruhi and Manav’s alliance. Swarna assures Vikram.

Abhira messages Arman. She asks Arman to have breakfast. Arman assures Abhira. He further asks Abhira not to hamper Kaveri’s event. Kaveri forgets her speech. She panics. Abhira asks Kaveri if she took her medicine. Kaveri feels dizzy. Abhira helps Kaveri. She decides to take Kaveri back home. Kaveri decides to attend the event. Abhira asks Kaveri to stop being adamant.

Kajal serves tea to Sanjay. Sanjay misbehaves with Kajal for not being able to control Charu and Krish. Kajal breaks down. Vidya visits Arman. She asks Arman if he is hurt because of Charu. Arman assures Vidya. He further asks Vidya to talk to Kaveri to allow Charu to complete her internship. Arman asks Vidya to help him. Vidya sits stunned.

Abhira helps Kaveri give a speech on the stage on a girl’s education. The ladies are out in their praise of Kaveri. Abhira is introduced to the ladies. Kaveri feels dizzy. Abhira worries for Abhira. Vidya says to Arman that it is difficult to talk to Kaveri. Arman says Kaveri only listens to Vidya. Vidya worries.

Kaveri gets happy with Abhira. She demands that Abhira ask anything from her. Abhira asks Kaveri to allow Charu to do the internship. Kaveri refuses. Vidya supports Abhira. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira and Arman spend quality time together. Abhira asks Arman to consider Ruhi. Arman ignores Ruhi.

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