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Today’s episode starts with Naira yelling at Kartik. She says she don’t want to be his punching bag to whom when he wants behaves good and when not he don’t listen to her. Naira sees the family standing and apologizes to them for the drama. She further walks out from the house. Kartik stands shocked. Afterwards, Kartik goes to Manish and pours his heart out to him. He says to him that none understands him even Naira too. He says he won’t let surgery happen at any cost and will take care of him whole life.

Other side, Surekha and Suwarna both cries for family happiness and complaints God for always giving them pain. Suwarna breaks down in front of God. She asks God to stop taking her exam. There, Naksh and other try to talk with Naira. Naira doesn’t response to them. Chori brings food for Naira and she eats. She eats non-stop and Chori stops her. Naira cries and shares, she is hurt with Kartik’s word. Later, she worries for Manish and makes a video call to Suwarna and Goenka’s. She pours her heart out to Goenka’s. Suwarna praises Naira for her decision. Akhilesh, Gayu and Surekha too support Naira.

Later, Naira reads on internet and shares with Naksh that Kartik should say yes for Manish’s surgery. She urges Naksh to talk with Kartik. Bhabhi Maa and Kaveri interrupts and says to Naksh not to interfere as this big decision should be taken by Kartik and Keerti. Naksh says he is yet to discuss with Keerti. Bhabhi Maa asks Naksh than he should not interrupt in between.

Further, Naira miss Karitk and dance her heart out. Kartik too thinks about Naira. Naira gets tired and sits on the floor. Chori brings water for Naira. She wipes Naira’s tear. Naira gets mesmerized seeing Chori’s good side. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Keerti makes Kartik realize he is wrong.