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Today’s episode starts with Manish saying that Aradhana was clever as she cut the interview in the middle and will now present the news adding her own spice. He share with Goenka’s, he is not understanding if Kartik did right by giving interview or not. Naksh suggest to hire criminal lawyer to prove Kartik not guilty. Keerti asks about Kartik. Surekha says he is with Mauri. She accuse Sirat and Mauri for their messed up life.

There, Kartik shows Mauri, Sirat’s picture. Mauri wishes to meet Sirat for one last time. Kartik tries to divert Mauri by showing Sirat’s picture and videos to her. He also talk with his lawyer to do something so that Mauri can meet Sirat. Kartik’s lawyer replies to Kartik that he is trying his best. Later, Mauri breather her last asking Kartik not to leave Sirat alone ever. Kartik stands shocked. Sirat makes Mauri’s drawing at the jail and cries for her. Kartik cries too and regrets for not able to make Mauri meet Sirat for one last time. Gayu see Mauri and screams. Goenka’s gather and stands teary seeing Mauri. Kartik worry how he will tell Sirat about Kalavvati’s demise.

Sirat miss Mauri. Kartik thinks he was not able to make Sirat meet Mauri. But it is Sirat’s right to see Mauri for last time. Here, Sirat recalls flashback with Mauri and smile. She share about Mauri with ladies out there at jail. Sirat tells them how Mauri used to encourage her for boxing and loves eating burger. She wishes to meet Mauri.

Kartik reach police station. Sirat think why she is missing Mauri so much. Police takes Sirat to Kartik. Sirat think Mauri might have visited her along with Kartik and gets excited to meet her. She enquires Kartik about Mauri. Kartik stands mum. Sirat asks Kartik if Mauri visited her or not. Kartik reveals to Sirat about Mauri’s demise. Sirat stands teary and faints. Kartik support Sirat. Goenka’s cry for Mauri.

Sirat visit Goenka house with Kartik to see Mauri. Media question Sirat about how she is feeling seeing two deaths in short span. Sirat stands speechless. She runs from the place. Police asks Kartik to make Sirat understand not to act smart else, she will take her, and she will not get permission to see Mauri again.

Kartik holds Sirat’s hand and takes her to Mauri. Sirat recalls her moments with Mauri and faints. Goenka’s stands teary. Swarna and Suhasini worry for Sirat. Sirat cries for Mauri. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Narendra inform Kartik that Sirat will be shifted to another jail from where she won’t be able to come out ever. He asks Kartik to protect Sirat if he can. Kartik rushes to meet Sirat.