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The episode starts with Abhimanyu and Neil looking for Anand. After a lot of efforts, Abhimanyu finds Ananad sitting somewhere. He rushes to him. Ananad breaks down in tears. He says that he always wanted to become a doctor, but now everything has been snatched from him, including his daughter. Aanand cries his heart out hugging Abhimanyu. Meanwhile, Manish comforts a crying Akshara. He advises Akshara. He says that she has to decide the yes or no between her and Abhimanyu, not someone else. He asks her to listen to her heart.

Abhimanyu brings Anand home. Mahima takes him inside. Neil receives a call from the hospital. Abhimanyu bursts out in tears, misunderstanding that Manjiri is no more. Neil says to Abhimanyu that Rohan said that Manjiri is stable and will soon come out of the coma. He asks if Abhimanyu is fine. Abhimanyu says that everyone who is related to him is suffering because of him. Meanwhile, Akshara says to Suhasini that Abhimanyu is worried about whatever is happening to him, so he must have told that.

Suhasini says that even Akshara’s parents were separated many years before, but they soon realized that it was their biggest mistake. She advises Akshara to listen to her heart and make the right decision. Akshara says that she wants to focus only on Abhimanyu and their relationship. There, Abhimanyu says to Neil that he has to focus on his family. He refuses to be selfish towards his family to prove his love. Here, Akshara wants to clarify all the misunderstandings between her and Abhimanyu and fix their relationship.

Abhimanyu and Akshara are in their respective places and they are sad recalling all the recent happenings. They hallucinate each other. Akhilesh admits his mistake and apologizes to Akshara for that by folding his hands. Akshara hugs Akhilesh. Akshara says that she has decided what to do and hopes everything will be fine. Akhilesh hugs Akshara, calling her tigress. Abhimanyu arrives there and he sees this. He fumes in a rage and holds the steering wheel tightly. He drives off. Abhimanyu phones someone and gives some instructions.

Later, Akshara is shown fixing the scattered letters to form the name Abhira while Abhimanyu writes Abhira and wipes it off. The Goenkas are shocked to receive a divorce notice from Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu receives a message that the papers are delivered. The Goenkas hide the divorce papers from Akshara. The latter asks Varun to make his special kachori for her as she is having cravings. Varun agrees. Akshara decides to talk to Neil instead of talking to Abhimanyu directly to fix everything.

Abhimanyu talks to Manjiri. He says that he sent divorce papers to Akshara. He asks Manjiri to come out her coma to tell him if he did right or wrong. He gets teary. A man spots Abhimanyu and says that Abhimanyu isn’t allowed to come here. Abhimanyu says that he has the rights to visit his mom as her son and says that he will come again and asks him not to date to stop him.

Neil learns that Abhimanyu sent divorce papers to Akshara from the lawyer. He receives Akshara’s call. He answers the call and says that he is busy and will call her later. Neil confronts Abhimanyu about sending divorce papers to Akshara. He says that Abhimanyu did wrong. Abhimanyu refuses to listen to any lectures and says that he did what he felt right. He leaves. Akshara messages Neil to call her soon.

The episode ends.

Precap: Akshara signs the divorce papers and is determined to get back her identity and her dreams. Akshara and Abhimanyu are separated.