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In today’s episode, Abhira asks Ruhi if she is following her. Krish spots Sanjay. Sanjay asks Krish to come back. Krish met with an accident. Ruhi tells Abhira that Arman has sent her. Arman discuss the case. He worries about Krish. Abhira tells Arman that Krish is in the hospital. Arman decides to leave the place. The client forces Arman to discuss the case. Arman chooses Krish over the case.

Arman worries about seeing Krish. Ruhi says Krish is fine. Arman says how Krish’s dream will be fixed. Krish gets his consciousness back. Abhira, Arman, and Ruhi meet Krish. Krish asks the doctor if he can perform. The doctor asks Krish to walk properly. Sanjay feels bad for Krish.

Kajal worries about Krish. Manisha and Vidya console. Sanjay regrets his action. Arman consoled Sanjay. Abhira gets angry at Sanjay. The poddars worry about Krish. Vidya learns about Krish’s condition. She further demands that Sanjay let Krish stay with them until he gets well. Vidya wonders how Krish met with an accident. Abhira tells the poddars that Sanjay is responsible for Krish’s accident. Sanjay defends himself.

Arman says Abhira is accusing Sanjay. Abhira tells Sanjay has hit Krish. Ruhi blames Abhira instead of Sanjay. Abhira and Ruhi argue. Ruhi says Abhira doesn’t have a father, so she doesn’t know about her father’s love. Abhira says Ruhi too doesn’t have a father.

Charu brings milk for Krish. Aryan and Kiara try to cheer up Krish. Charu takes stress on Krish. Ruhi says Abhira has crossed the line. Abhira says Ruhi has crossed the line too. She accuses Sanjay. Sanjay leaves the house. Kaveri accuses Abhira. Abhira says Sanjay is not a good father.

Arman asks Krish how he met an accident. Charu asks Kajal to take a stand for Krish against Sanjay. She supports Abhira.

Manish prepares for Akshara’s birthday. Swarna asks Manish why he is planning Akshara’s birthday after so many years. Manish decides to forgive Akshara. He misses Akshara. Abhira and Ruhi apologize to each other.

Abhira and Ruhi decide not to hit each other below the belt. Ruhi reached Arman’s office. She insists on Arman having dinner. Arman and Ruhi spend quality time together. Abhira visits Arman’s office. She gets stunned seeing Ruhi. Abhira claims rights to Arman. Ruhi gets shocked. -Episode Ends

Precap: Vidya promotes Sanjay. Abhira gets angry. Arman stands shocked.

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