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Today’s episode starts with Suhasini asking Mauri to tell about last wish. Mauri says Kartik holding Sirat’s hand is her last wish. Suhasini asks Mauri what she is asking. Mauri says she is on death bed and is not lying. She says to Sirat that Kartik is a perfect match for her. Mauri adds Kartik understands Sirat and also support her dreams. Kartik and Sirat sit shocked. Sirat asks Mauri not to think about her wedding now. Suhasini think Mauri is doing good acting more than she has expected. Mauri says to Sirat that everyone needs a partner when Sirat refuses to marry. Suhasini and Mauri both try to convince Sirat to marry Kartik. Sirat agree to marry Kartik. Kartik sits shocked.

Doctor come and Suhasini thinks hopefully doctor didn’t forgot his lines. Doctor checks Mauri and says she is fine. Suhasini interrupts. Doctor says Mauri is critical as she is taking much pressure. He asks Sirat to take care of Mauri. Sirat asks Mauri never to leave her. Mauri says one day she has to leave her. Sirat says to Mauri for her happiness she will marry Kartik. She asks Mauri not to take pressure.

Ahead, Kartik talks with Sirat. He asks Sirat not to take any decision under pressure. Sirat says Mauri can never take a wrong decision for her. She says to Kartik for Kairav’s sake she will marry him. Kartik says to Sirat just for Kairav’s sake she should not sacrifice. Sirat says decision was already taken when Kairav met her. She gets ready to marry Kartik. Kartik asks Sirat not to sacrifice her dreams post marriage. Sirat assures Kartik that she will never let anyone hurt his children. Kartik assures Sirat he will never let anyone come in between her dreams. Sirat says to Kartik that she will marry him but will never be able to love him. Kartik says to Sirat that he too can never give her Naira’s place.

Later, Suhasini and Mauri learns that Kartik and Sirat is ready to marry each other. Both gets happy. Kairav comes and thinks Sirat is leaving. He gets upset. Sirat reveals to Kairav that she is marrying Kartik. Kairav gets happy and hugs Sirat. He gets excited to thank you God and reveal to Goenka’s about Kartik and Sirat’s wedding. Suhasini and Kartik worry. They runs behind Kairav. Kairav reveals to Mainsh and Goenka’s about Sirat and Kartik’s wedding.

Mainsh and Riya stands shocked. Kairav and Vansh dances. Kairav was about to fall and Kartik catches him. Mainsh gives angry look to Kartik. He gets disappointed with Suhasini and Kartik. Mainsh complaints to Suhasini and Kartik for going against him. Kartik defends himself. He says he agreed to marry Sirat because it is God’s signal as Sirat is Naira’s face alike and Kairav likes her. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mainsh refuses to attend Kartik’s wedding. Sirat decides to disclose her past. Riya over hear Sirat’s talk and decides to expose latter.