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In today’s episode, Madhav asks Vidya why she is worried, as they have come to have dinner. Vidya says they never came to have dinner alone. Manish and Swarna spend time together. Manish asks Swarna why she is staring at him. Swarna asks Manish why he brought her to the restaurant.

Madhav asks Vidya to make a fresh start. Vidya refuses to make a fresh start with Madhav. Madhav asks to try. Vidya refuses to accept Madhav. Swarna says Manish is trying to convince her for Akshara’s birthday. Manish asks Swarna for support. Swarna refuses to support Manish in celebrating Akshara’s birthday. Madhav, Vidya, Swarna, and Manish see each other.

Abhira asks Arman to promise that he will not disclose anything about their plan to anyone. Ruhi confronts Arman. Arman lies to Ruhi. Ruhi thinks Arman and Abhira are hiding a secret.

Manish and Madhav discuss their condition. Vidya says to Swarna that it is too late to start a new life with Madhav. Swarna says Manish should not think about the child who has gone. Madhav expresses his desire to give Vidya a chance for the sake of Arman and Abhira. Manish asks Madhav to try for himself too. Vidya discusses with Swarna that they should not forget the child who is not with them.

Abhira helps Vidya while she sleeps. She further asks Vidya to forgive Arman. Madhav, Manish, Vidya, and Swarna perform a couple dance.

Abhira prepares for the inauguration. Ruhi accuses Abhira of teaching lies to Arman. Abhira asks Ruhi to stop interfering in her matter. Both argue with each other. Ruhi taunts Abhira for being the temporary wife of Arman. Abhira says that despite everything, she will be addressed as Arman’s wife. Ruhi dreams of Abhira and Arman getting close to each other. She worries about Arman.

Arman and Abhira argue with each other. Abhira applies for leave for personal reasons. Arman asks Abhira why she is taking leave. Abhira hides Akshara’s birthday. Ruhi demands Manish go to the hospital. Swarna assures Ruhi that he will take Manish to the hospital.

Swarna asks Manish to stop looking for Akshara’s daughter. Vidya stops Abhira from joining her for the inauguration. Abhira decides to execute her plan despite Vidya’s restrictions. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira learns someone knows about Akshara other than her. She vows to find the person.

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