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At the beginning of the episode, Akshara is upset because Abhimanyu is innocent but her family members don’t want to help him. Manish comes there and tells Akshara that since Abhimanyu is innocent, he is ready to help him. But still, He is angry with her as she lied to him.

Here Parth sees that Shefali wants to interview Abhimanyu. Parth feels that she is doing all this to gain fame. Shefali tries to convince him that Abhimanyu is like her brother and she wants to interview him to show his side. Parth doesn’t understand her point and angrily asks her to stop this drama. Shefali gets upset with him and she decides to leave the house. Abhimanyu tries to pacify Shefali and Parth.

Akshara apologizes to Manish for her mistake and also thanks to him as he has agreed to help Abhimanyu. Later they decide to go to Birla’s house. Manjari, on the other hand, tells Harsh that Akshara can help them as she knows the whole truth. Harsh decides to go to Akshara’s house. However, Abhimanyu stops him and does not want Akshara to come in the midst of all this.

Harsh agrees. Harsh’s brother tells him who will save Abhimanyu if Akshara doesn’t help him. Harsh adds that he will go to Akshara’s house but won’t know about it to Abhimanyu. Further Birla family goes to Akshara’s house. As soon as Harsh comes there, he starts accusing Akshara that all this has happened only because of her.

Manish is shocked to hear this. He says that Akshara was about to come to help him but because his behaviour is so terrible towards her, therefore, he does not think that Akshara should help him. Harsh orders that Akshara must go with him. Manish gets angry. He asks Akshara and Aarohi to go to their room. Aarohi takes Akshara to the room.

She taunts Akshara that all this is happening because of her. Ahead Abhimanyu comes there. Abhimanyu recollects how he came to know that Harsh is going to Goinka’s place. Harsh asks Abhimanyu what he is doing here. Abhimanyu is angry with Harsh because he came here lying to him. He also declares that Akshara will not interfere in this matter. He also apologizes to Goenka for his father’s actions.

Precap: Harsh tells Abhimanyu that he will bring Akshara to court. Abhimanyu says if he does, he will admit that he did wrong to Ruby.