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In today’s episode, Arman and Abhira run Akshara to the hospital. Yuvraj, along with his men, ran. The inspector refuses to catch Yuvraj. Arman asks the inspector to go behind Yuvraj. He takes Akshara to the doctor.

Manish wakes up from sleep. He worries about why he had a nightmare before Ruhi’s wedding. The doctor at the hospital asks for the formality. Arman asks the doctor to start the operation. The senior doctor sees Akshara. He orders Akshara to operate and do other formalities later.

Abhira cries for Akshara. Arman thinks he should console Abhira. He prays to God. Akshara remembers her past. She wakes up. Doctors try to save Akshara. Akshara calls Manish. She tries to talk with Manish and apologizes. Manish gets emotional after hearing Akshara’s voice. Ruhi asks Manish to whom he is talking late at night. Akshara tries to tell Manish about Abhira. Manish refuses to talk to Akshara. Akshara asks Manish to take her name. Manish breaks his ties with Akshara. Akshara cries for Manish. She realizes she doesn’t have time. Akshara sees Abhira and Arman. She asks God why he hasn’t given her more time. Akshara says Abhira is not successful yet. 

The doctor tries to save Akshara. Akshara asks the doctor how much time is left. The doctor asks Akshara not to lose hope. Akshara says she is aware; she doesn’t have much time. Arman recalls that Abhira has consoled him. She tries to calm Abhira. Abhira asks Arman to stop consoling. She blames Arman for Akshara’s condition. Abhira hates Arman. She asks Arman to stay away. Abhira asks Arman why he interrupted. She accuses Arman and says Yuvraj has taken revenge because of him. Arman tries to defend. Yuvraj looks for Abhira. Arman hides with Abhira. Abhira gets adamant about facing Yuvraj. Arman locks Abhira in the ward to protect her from Yuvraj. He tricks Yuvraj and convinces him that Akshara has been referred to the city hospital.

Manish thinks he did right with Akshara. Swarna makes Manish recall that he has promised to keep Ruhi’s happiness above everything. Akshara loses hope and falls unconscious. Abhira meets Akshara and cries. -Episode Ends

Precap: Akshara demands Arman marry Abhira to protect her from Yuvraj. Arman gets ready to fulfill Akshara’s last wish. He marries Abhira. Rohit and Ruhi marry each other. 

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