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In today’s episode, Kaveri calls out Vidya. Vidya asks Kaveri to listen to her once. She says Charu’s job was raised earlier, but they ignored it. Vidya says Charu started to hide and perform the job. She further adds that Poddar’s kids have a good upbringing. Vidya asks Kaveri to let Charu work. Abhira says to Kaveri that Charu is good at her work. She says that one day Charu will become a good lawyer. Abhira asks Kaveri to let Charu do the internship. Arman asks Kaveri to keep a trust. He assures Kaveri that nothing will be wrong. Arman decides to be with Charu along with Abhira. Vidya, Abhira, and Arman urge Kaveri. Sanjay asks Kaveri to take a decision. Kaveri allows Charu to do the internship. Charu assures Kaveri that she will not let her down. She apologizes to Abhira and Arman. Abhira asks Charu to never disrespect Arman. Charu assures Arman and Abhira.

Abhira dances happily. Arman dances with Abhira. He hugs Abhira. Ruhi spots Arman and Abhira. Abhira asks Arman to remember that their marriage is fake. Arman stands stunned. Abhira laughs and asks Arman to look at himself. She says she was aware it was a friendly hug. Abhira asks Arman not to be restless after hearing about love. She adds that Arman is not suitable for her. Arman says Abhira is not suitable for him as well. Abhira asks Arman what would happen if either of them fell for each other. Arman says that day will never come. Abhira asks Arman why he thinks no one can fall for her. She asks Arman to hear her praise from Ruhi. Ruhi gets shocked. Arman, Abhira, and Ruhi share a talk. Abhira asks Arman to go back to his ex after she goes away from his life.

Manish thinks about Ruhi. Abhira asks Arman if he will marry his ex. Arman says time has changed. Abhira says to Arman that if he loves his ex, then he will go back to her. Arman says he can’t go back to his ex ever. Ruhi gets restless. Arman asks Ruhi why she is restless. Ruhi says she is hopeful about Arman. She complains to Arman about being with Abhira.

Arman asks Ruhi to remember that she is Rohit’s wife. He asks Ruhi to keep their relationship respectful. Ruhi stands stunned. -Episode Ends

Precap: Arman stops Ruhi from telling Abhira about their relationship. Arman, Ruhi, and Abhira perform a dance. A man misbehaves with Ruhi. Arman takes a stand for Ruhi.

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