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In today’s episode, Sanjay is asked about Krish. Sanjay says Krish met with an accident. Krish asks to open the door. Abhira decides to help Krish.

Sanjay warns Kajal. He asks Kajal not to make any mistakes. Kajal thinks about locking Krish. Ruhi calls out Arman. Arman makes an excuse. Ruhi thinks about what Abhira and Arman were up to.

Krish asks Abhira to open the door. Abhira asks Krish not to worry. Sanjay inaugurates his wing. Arman and Abhira dance. Ruhi thinks about Abhira’s plan. Krish jumps on the stage. He flaunts his dancing skills.

Sanjay and Vidya get angry. Vidya says Krish is making fun of their reputation. Everyone claps for Krish. Sanjay walks angrily towards Krish. Abhira diverts Sanjay. Sanjay ends up hugging Krish. Arman warns Sanjay. He asked not to create a scene in front of everyone.

People out their praise Krish. They ask Kaveri if Krish will make a career in dancing. Vidya says Krish will make a career in dancing. Krish takes Vidya’s blessing. Vidya is asked if she will support Krish. Krish, Abhira, and Arman get scared.

Vidya thinks Abhira tried to trap her earlier. She announces that Krish is passionate about dancing, so he will pay his own bills. Krish looks at Abhira. Krish says other than his family’s support, he doesn’t need anything.

Arman asks Abhira how she opened the door. Krish thanks Abhira and Arman. He gives a gift as a token. Krish thanks Abhira for inspiring him. He gives Natraja’s idol to Abhira. Krish gifted a shoe to Arman. Arman and Abhira get emotional.

Dev asks Charu about Krish. Charu praises Abhira. She tells Dev that Abhira created a situation, thus Kaveri failed to refuse Krish’s dancing career. Dev flirts with Charu.

Arman gets restless. Abhira consoles Arman. She asks Arman if he feels left out always. Abhira says Arman deserves the love. Arman thanks Abhira for thinking so much about his family. He gives Abhira a Abhira a forehead kiss. Ruhi spots Abhira and Arman. Abhira gets shocked. -Episode Ends

Precap: Abhira wonders who knows about Akshara other than her.

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