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In today’s episode,  Abhimanyu says he did the decoration and asks if cake is ready or not. Akshara says cake is ready too. Abhimanyu wakes up. He thinks about Neil’s birthday. Manjiri and Arohi pray for Neil on his birthday. Abhimanyu gets the flashback of Neil’s death day. Ruhi confront Abhimanyu about not wishing her good night and hiding from her last night. Abhimanyu decide to celebrate Neil’s birthday along with Ruhi. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu if they celebrate people who are not with them. Abhimanyu explains to Ruhi. Arohi and Manjiri takes Ruhi with them.

Abhimanyu puts his mobile on charger. Akshara prays for Neil on his birthday. Abhinav asks Akshara if today is someone’s birthday. He says he will pray for long life of the person. Akshara shares about Neil’s birthday. Abhinav feels sorry. He further gets mesmerized seeing Akshara doing the household work. Abhir tells to Akshara that he got ready by himself. Abhinav says thus he forgot trouser. Akshara laughs. Abhir runs away.

Abhinav gets a call. Nelima and Muskaan visit Abhinav. Muskaan tells to Abhinav that she got posting at Udaipur. Abhinav stands stunned. Neilima says Muskan will be save at Udaipur is Akshara’a maternal house too. Abhinav stands mum. Akshara asks Abhinav if Nelima and Muskan visited them. Abhinav hides about Muskan’s posting at Udaipur.

Birlas gather to celebrate Neil’s birthday. Ruhi says if they have gathered to celebrate Neil’s birthday thn why everyone is emotional. Manjiri says she will not cry anymore. She decides to celebrate Neil’s birthday. Manjiri calls everyone for veneration. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to wait as he got something for Neil. Abhimanyu tries to open the drawer. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu not to fight else he will get tired of fighting destiny. Abhimanyu get the flashback of Neil.

Birlas sit in veneration. Abhimanyu recalls Neil’s death and Akshara’s marriage with Abhinav. He decides to stay away from Akshara and her present. He deletes Akshara’s number and message. Akshara gets shocked learning about Muskan’s posting at Udaipur. Abhinav asks Akshara to face and stop hiding from the reality as it hits hard. Akshara stand mum.

Parth gets a call from hospital to check the CT scan machine. Parth talks rudely with the person. Abhimanyu gift tanpura to Manjiri. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu if he will not have any problem with the music. Abhimanyu says he has stopped chasing. He says the more he will try to run, things will chase him back thus he has decided to stop running. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Arohi gets an electric shock. Akshara decide to visit Udaipur to check upon Arohi.

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