Today’s episode starts with Mainsh saying to Kartik that Sirat is trapping him. Kartik says Sirat isn’t trapping him but destiny brought them closer. Mainsh says Sirat is benefitting her face. Suhasini talks in Sirat’s favour and says latter didn’t did anything but it was Kairva’s choice to bring Sirat in their life. She tells Kairav asked her to bring Sirat in their life long back but she didn’t discuss with them. Mainsh refuses to listen to Suhasini.

There, Sirat gets restless thinking about her future. Mauri pacify Sirat. Here, Mainsh accuse Sirat. He calls Sirat greedy. Manish refuses to accept Sirat and says to Kartik that during his first wedding, he didn’t wanted him to attend it. He adds this time, he himself will not attend his wedding. Kartik and Goenka’s stands shocked. Mainsh says to Kartik being a father he will only give blessing to him. He leaves the place. Kartik tries to talk with Mainsh. Riya gets furious and decides to teach Sirat a lesson.

Here, Sirat talks with Mauri and tells to her that she will reveal about her past to Kartik. Mauri asks Sirat not to go back to past as it is painful. Sirat says Kartik never hide anything from her and now she will reveal about her past to Kartik. Riya over hears Sirat and Mauri’s talk and decides to expose Sirat.

Later, Manish sit alone. He self-talks and asks Kartik why he is doing that seeing his photo. Manish says being a father he can only give blessings to Kartik. Riya comes and reveals to Manish that Sirat is hiding her past. She asks Mainsh to protect Kartik from Sirat. Riya says Sirat might have some boyfriend. Mainsh asks Riya to find about Sirat’s truth. Riya thinks now she will make her future by destroying Sirat’s past.

Other side, Suhasini and Suwarna gets excited for Kartik’s wedding. Kartik stops Suhasini and Suwarna to stop planning for grand wedding. Suhasini tells to Kartik, it is his second wedding but for Sirat it is first. Meanwhile, Riya bumps into Sirat and talks sweetly. Sirat stands confused thinking why Riya is behaving sweet with her. Riya decides to find about Sirat’s past soon.

Sirat tries to meet Kartik to reveal about her past. Kartik leave to the office for the meeting. Mainsh signal Kartik about Sirat hiding her past. Sirat waits for Kartik. Mauri asks Sirat it is God’s signal that’s why she is not able to tell Kartik about her past. Sirat gets adamant to talk with Kartik and reveal about her past.

Before, Sirat can talk with Kartik; Goenka’s perform pre-wedding ritual with Sirat. Sirat sits tensed. Mauri gets excited for Kartik and Sirat’s wedding. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Goenka’s dance and Sirat tried to talk with Kartik. Sheela comes and Sirat asks her to leave. Mainsh stops Sheela from leaving.