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Today’s episode starts with Mauri saying to Kartik that she can’t force him to take her along with him but can stop him and Kairav to stay with her. Akhilesh call Kartik and asks if lawyer reached on time or not. Kartik tell to Akhilesh yes work is done. Akhilesh asks Kartik if he book hotel for him to take a rest. Kartik says he will manage. Manish asks Kartik not to stay along with Sirat and Mauri else they will again benefit them. Kartik hang up the call. Akhilesh says Kartik hang up the call. Surekha says Sirat is clever as she threw ring outside before leaving as Kartik can give clean chit to her. Rhea support Surekha. Manish stand shocked. Ahead, Sirat meet Kartik. He recall his moment with Naira. Sirat apologize to Kartik for her behaviour. Kartik apologize to Sirat back. Sirat put forward friendship hand in front of Kartik. Kartik recall his moment with Naira. Later, Sirat speak and Kartik ask her about Sheela and Mukesh. Sirat avoid the talk.

Kartik sleep and Sirat gets smitten seeing Kairav. Kartik hands fall and Sirat catches him. Kartik holds Sirat’s hand and asks if she is seeing he is not doing any mistake. He says she can see he has dedicated his life to his children. Kartik says ‘I love you’ and Sirat stands shocked. He takes Naira’s name and Sirat walks out from the room. Sheela and his son peeks inside Mauri’s house. Sirat’s step-brother asks Sheela if Mauri and Sirat will shower all her love to Kairav and not him. Sheela ask his son if he is getting jealous. Boy says yes. Sheela says now she will use his jealously to find out about Kairav and Kartik’s presence in the house. Afterwards, Kairav wakes up and Sheela hide. Sirat come and spend time with Kairav. Kartik spot Sheela and ask if she need anything. Sheela hide. Mauri sit with Kartik. Kartik asks about Sirat and Mukesh. Mauri reveals to Kartik that Mukesh is Sirat’s step-father. She tell about Sirat’s struggle. Kartik gets teary. He call Suwarna and thanks her for being good human. Kartik and Suwarna share a talk.

Ahead, Sirat show Kairav her childhood pictures and achievements. Kairav sit confused. Sirat think she will convince Kairav that she is not his mother. Rhea talk with Surekha and asks latter to do something to call back Kartik. Rhea think Akshu is very annoying. Surekha tries to talk with Suwarna to call back Kartik. Suwarna says Kartik is responsible enough to understand his good and bad. Surekha suggest Rhea to go to Jaiselmer too. Afterwards, Manish avoid Kartik’s call. Akhilesh talk with Surwarna and ask her to call back Kartik. Kartik refuses to come back home, until Kairav is convinced Sirat is not his mother. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mukesh challenge Kartik