Today’s episode starts with Naira telling to Kairav that they are going back to Goa. Kartik thinks to meet Kairav but stops himself and says he will not go in front of him. Naira and Kairav does packing in their room (yeh moh moh ke dhaage song plays in the background). Naksh messages to Kartik that Naira and Kairav will leave in 10 minutes.

Kairav and Naira says good bye to everyone. Kartik rushes to meet Kairav for the last time. Kartik sees Kairav. He returns back home and sees Kairav playing with Vansh. He thinks it’s his illusion. But he sees Naira too standing with his favorite dish.

Naira tells to Kartik how she and Naksh indirectly made Kairav understand and he changed his mind to go Goa. Kartik gets happy. The duo join hands together to make Kairav understand that Kartik is not wrong. Here, Naksh tries to connect Vedika and worries. He says to his grandmother that Vedika may create scene again seeing Naira in the house. He says it’s better before she reacts they tell her the truth. There, Kartik tells to Manish that he got a last chance to clear his differences with Kairav. Manish and Suwarna says they both are with him. Goenak’s makes a strategy to unite Kartik and Kairav.

 Vansh asks Kairav if he is still angry with Kairav. Meanwhile, Pallavi comes and ask Kartik why his wife is not receiving the call. Kartik, Kairav, Vansh and Naira stands shocked. Naira makes a story in front of Kairav.

Kartik ask Pallavi to support him in front of Kairav. Later, Pallavi accuses Kartik for not bothering about Vedika and happily spending time with Naira. Kartik ask Pallavi not to cross her lines. Naira gets upset hearing pallavi’s word and Kartik ask Naira to focus on Kairav. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik plans to play basket ball with Kairav. Kairav refuses to be in Kartik’s team.