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Today’s episode starts with Naira asking Chori why she got afraid seeing her. Chori hugs Naira and cries. She further tells her that two unknown person tried to kidnap her from the hospital and now she spotted her near to the house. Naira asks Chori to calm. She assures her that till she is here they won’t harm her. Naira asks Chori if she can help police is drawing their sketch. Chori says yes. Afterwards, Naira spends times with Chori. She consoles her. Naira thinks till someone from orphanage come to take Chori, she will take her responsibility.

Ahead, Naira talks with the effigy of Kartik and shares she is angry with him because he didn’t wish her birthday nor he called her once. Devyani overhear Naira’s talk. Naira tries to make excuse and Devyani asks Naira not to. She supports her. Naira shares with Devyani that she miss Kartik. Devyani console her. Later that day, Naira along with Singhania performs the evening prayer. Naira prays to God for everyone’s happiness. She gets the blessing from Lord Ganesha.

Afterwards, Naira stays back at the house and Singhania’s leaves to attend the Puja at Goenka house. Chori stays back at home along with Naira. She prays to Lord Ganesh for Naira’s happiness.

At Goenka house, Keerti and Kartik argue over Manish’s health. Keerti makes Kartik realize his mistake. Kartik realize he did wrong with Naira. He recalls how he behaved with Naira post Manish’s accident. He gets teary.

Kartik self-talk and realizes he behaved rudely with Naira inspite Naira supported him. He feels bad for Naira. He thinks how he will face Naira. He thinks to fix the things between him and Naira.

There, Naira dreams of Kartik. Kartik reaches to Singhania house. Chori opens the door and asks Kartik what he is doing here. Kartik says he is here to meet Naira. Chori don’t let Kartik to enter the house. She tells him Lord Ganesha’s story and closes the door. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik apologizes to Naira.