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In today’s episode, Ruhi walks on hospital corridor. Swarna takes Ruhi back. Mainsh asks Abhimanyu if Arohi will be fine. Abhimanyu assure Manish that he won’t let anything happen to Arohi. Kairav decide to take Ruhi back to Goenka house. Abhimanyu asks Kairav to stop his drama as of now. Kairav says Ruhi belongs to them and they have a right to take decision. Abhimanyu says Ruhi resides in his soul and no one can separate her from him. Kairav questions Abhimanyu’s relationship with Ruhi. Abhimanyu calls himself Ruhi’s father. Kairav corrects he is just Ruhi’s foster father. Abhimanyu asks Kairav to be in his limit.

Kairav and Abhimanyu argue with each other. Mainsh scolds Kairav. He asks Kairav to stop being stubborn always. Kairav accuses Abhimanyu for ruining his both sisters life. He says post Arohi will get well soon he will convince her to come back to Goenka house with Ruhi. Anand says to Kairav that hospital is not a place to start the fight. Kairav leaves the place. Abhimanyu is stunned. Ruhi tells to Abhimanyu that she heart Swarna and Manish’s conversation. She decides to see Arohi. Abhimanyu takes Ruhi to Arohi. Ruhi gets teary. Abhimanyu asks Ruhi to talk with Arohi if she wants. Ruhi asks Arohi to get well soon. She further asks Abhimanyu to promise her that she won’t let anything happen to Arohi. Abhimanyu gives promise to Ruhi. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu to be with Arohi always. Abhimanyu promise to Ruhi.

Abhir and Abhinav learn Akshara has a fever. They ask Akshara to take rest. Akshara decides to prepare jam and help Muskaan in her packing. Abhinav and Abhir scold Akshara and ask her to rest. Manjiri calls Abhimayu to take Arohi’s whereabouts. Abhimanyu tell Manjiri that Arohi is fine. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to be with Arohi. Abhimanyu assures Manjiri. He further asks Arohi to wake up. Abhimanyu asks Rohan to give Arohi’s blood sample for testing infection. Rohan takes the sample.

Swarna asks Manish if they should inform Akshara about Arohi. Manish refuse to call Akshara. Kairav pleads Mainsh not to inform Akshara about Arohi as he wants her to stay away from them and Abhimanyu. He further decides to bring Arohi back to Goenka house post she recovers. Rohan bring Arohi’s latest report. Manjiri learn from Mahima that Kairav has decided to take back Arohi and Ruhi. Manjiri says she won’t allow Arohi and Ruhi go anywhere.

Abhimanyu learns Ruhi got scared and shivering out of fear. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Abhimanyu pleads Abhinav to arrange jam for Ruhi as she is not well. Akshara learns about Arohi’s condition. She decide to visit Udaipur to check Arohi.

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