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Today’s episode starts with Sirat getting excited to see Akshu crawling. She calls out Kartik and tells about Akshu crawling. Kartik gets elated. He asks Sirat to ask Akshu to show him too. Akshu doesn’t crawl. Kartik pulls Sirat’s leg. He further asks Sirat to take care of Akshu as he has to go out for some work. Sirat agree. Kartik thinks once he will come back than he will asks Sirat what she was about to tell him. Sirat plays with Akshu.

There, Sheela enjoys fruits. Riya comes and asks Sheela to reveal Sirat’s past else she will throw her out from the house. Sheela says to Riya not to over smart her because if she will go than she will take her along too. Riya gets irked with Sheela.

Other side, Suhasini asks Suwarna about Akshu. Kartik informs Suhasini and Suwarna that Akshu is with Sirat. He tells Sirat was upset thus spending time with Akshu. Riya overhears Kartik’s talk and gets irked with Sirat. Meanwhile, Kairav and Vansh befriend Sonu. Sonu gets excited seeing toys. He asks Kairav and Vansh if he can play with their toys. Kairav says yes. He further talks with Sonu and asks if any fight happens between his Parents. Sonu says no. Kairav, Vansh and Kartik stands shocked hearing Sonu. Sonu recall Sheela’s word and change his statement. He says no fight happened between Sheela and Mukesh.

Later, Sirat plays with Akshu. She hear some noise and goes to check. Akshu goes missing from Sirat’s room. Sirat and Goenka’s panic post finding Akshu is missing. Goenka’s accuse Sirat for her carelessness. Suhasini accuse Kartik for leaving Akshu with Sirat. She asks Kartik he could have understand that Sirat is not a mother to take care of his children. Riya instigate Goenka’s against Sirat. She calls her irresponsible. Mainsh calls Police to find Akshu.

Goenka’s runs to search for Akshu. Riya asks Sirat what will happen if Akshu will go missing. Sirat stands teary. Later, Sirat decodes Riya has hidden Akshu. She follows Riya to learn about Akshu.

Furthermore, Kartik on road asks for Akshu. A man out there tells to Kartik he saw the girl with a bald man. Kartik along with Luv Kush and Akhilesh goes to search for Akshu. Here, Mainsh thinks he will not spare Sirat if anything will happen to Akshu. Sirat follows Riya. Riya escapes. Meanwhile, Kartik see bald man with a little girl and runs behind him thinking the person is escaping with Akshu. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik catch the person thinking Akshu is with him. There, Sirat follows Riya. Riya stands shocked seeing Sirat.