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In today’s episode, Arman says he will be fine if Abhira doesn’t want to befriend him. He decides to take care of Abhira until she becomes independent. Arman vows not to become Abhira’s husband. Abhira and Arman make a deal.

Kiara, Charu, Krish, and Aryan block Rohit’s way. They demand money. Manoj helps Rohit. Rohit, thanks, Manoj. Manisha blesses Rohit. Manoj says who blesses before the first night. Rohit blushes. He goes into the room. Manoj and Manisha ask Vidya to bring Arman’s wife too, as guests are asking why Rohit got married first. Vidya stands stunned.

Rohit and Ruhi get nervous. Rohit tries to get close to Ruhi. Ruhi asks Rohit to give her time to accept the marriage. She makes a request, Rohit. Rohit asks Ruhi to befriend him until. Ruhi agrees. Abhira packs her bags. Arman asks Abhira to take her time. Abhira says she will come along. She says home was when Akshara was alive. Abhira misses Akshara. 

Arman remembers his wedding with Abhira. He gets a call from Vidya. Vidya asks Arman where he is stuck. Arman says he fail in his mission. Vidya consoles Arman. She shows her belief in Arman and says he will do everything right. Vidya says Arman has missed Rohit’s wedding, so he should bring a shocking gift for Rohit. Arman hangs up the call. 

Vidya tells Kaveri that Arman failed in his mission. Kaveri asks Vidya to bring a bride for Arman. Vidya says Kaveri will shower love on Arman’s wife the most. Yuvraj calls Sanjay. He misbehaves with Sanjay. Sanjay thinks that, because of Arman, Yuvraj is misbehaving with him. He decided to confront Arman.

Abhira asks Arman how his family will react. Arman says they will know after reaching home. Vidya and Manisha help Ruhi in the kitchen. Ruhi asks Vidya to tell everyone’s choice so that she can cook accordingly. Vidya and Manisha get happy. Ruhi cooks for everyone. She impresses Kaveri. Kajal tells Ruhi that Rohit is Kaveri’s favorite. Rohit says Arman is Kaveri’s favorite. Kaveri sits stunned. She wonders if Arman has made some blunder. Madhav says Arman can never do anything wrong. 

Abhira asks Arman why he brought her to the hotel. Arman says he needs time to tell his family about his wedding. Abhira says for how long he can hide. Arman says Rohit is just married, and he can’t leave his family in shock. Abhira is amazed to learn that Arman left Rohit’s wedding for Akshara. -Episode Ends

Precap: Rohit and Ruhi bring Arman and Abhira to the home. The poddars are shocked. 

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