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Today’s episode starts with Sirat asking Karitk if he will speak or she punch him. Mauri interrupts Sirat and asks her whom she is punching. Sirat asks Mauri why she interrupted the match before it has started. Mauri see Kartik and tells to Sirat that he is the same guy who dropped her home. Sirat feel guilty. Mauri asks Sirat to take care of Kartik. Sirat makes Kartik stand and he falls on the bed. Sirat’s friend asks her if they need to call doctor for him or he will wake up by his own. Sirat looks at Kartik. Here, Manish tries to call Kartik. He think he is clueless where Kartik went as his mobile is unreachable. Vansh come and asks Manish to join them to play. Rhea come and says family time. She think family don’t matter to her as she wants to gain Kartik’s attention. Suwarna and Surekha come and asks Rhea about Akshu. Rhea says she just made Akshu sleep. Suwarna asks Rhea to take some rest too. Rhea says she is not tired. Surekha says to Suwarna that they should talk about Kartik’s wedding. Suwarna stops her. Surekha misunderstands Suwarna and says Rhea is her relative thus, she is hesitating for Karitk and Sirat’s wedding.

Other side, Kartik dream of Naira and see Sirat too. He wakes up. Mauri asks Kartik about his health. She question Kartik and asks him why he is here. Mauri apologize to Kartik on Sirat’s behalf as she hit him. Sirat asks Kartik why he keep gazing at her. She asks Kartik to speak up. Kartik says he needs to leave the house. He stands up and feels dizzy. Mauri asks Kartik to rest else he will again faint. Other side, Suwarna inform Sureakha that Suhasini is coming back. Surekha asks why Suhasini is here so sudden. Suwarna says she don’t know. Rhea thinks to impress Suhasini first.

There, Karitk think why he is thinking about Sirat so much as she is not her Naira. He over hear Sirat’s talk with her friend and learn, Kairav interrupted her match. Ahead, Sirat help Kartik in washing his face. Kartik again gaze Sirat. Sirat asks Kartik why he keep gazing at her. Kartik about to tell Sirat about Naira but stops. He think Sirat is just Naira’s face alike as her personality is different. Kartik decides to leave. He feels dizzy. Sirat catches Kartik. Kartik says good bye to Mauri. Sirat asks Kartik before leaving he has to tell her why he came to her place. Kartik says by mistake. Sirat says until he will tell the truth, she won’t let her go. Kartik tells Sirat about Kairav. Sirat loses her cool and asks Kartik why he can’t keep control on Kairav. She gets angry on Kairav. Kartik asks Sirat not to speak bad about Kairav. Sirat asks Kartik why Kairav address her as his mother. Kartik recalls about Naira. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Karitk hits Mukesh for misbehaving with Sirat.