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In today’s episode, Akshara prepares jam. Abhinav feels bad seeing Akshara. Abhir says to Akshara that he told her and asks can’t she take a rest. Akshara tells to Abhir that she needs to prepare the jam for someone close. Abhir asks who. Akshara tells to Abhir and Abhinav about Arohi and Ruhi. Abhir gets excited to know about Arohi, Ruhi. He asks Akshara if she never fought with her sister. Akshara recalls Arohi accusing her for Neil’s death. She further asks Abhir what he fetches from the cupboard amid sugar and salt. Abhir asks Akshara if she knows he eats sugar. Akshara says she is his mother. She adds when he fetches sugar than why she will eat salt. Akshara says after 6 years she is recalling her past thus she wants to cherish good memories.

Abhir asks Akshara how Ruhi tasted the jam. He asks if Abhimanyu gave her. Abhir decide to help Akshara along with Abhinav to prepare jam and says he can understand Ruhi as when Abhinav was injured he got scared too. Akshara decide to tell Abhir more about Ruhi.

Abhinav think relationships are complicated. He prepares the jam. Akshara sit restless. Abhinav asks Akshara what is bothering her. Akshara says she wants to see Arohi but fear returning back to Udaipur. She sits confused. Abhinav asks Akshara to think in heart if she wants to go or not. He decides to throw a ball in two vessels which will decide she will go or not. Abhinav helps Akshara in deciding she will go to Udaipur or not.

Ruhi likes the jam. Abhimanyu says to Ruhi that she scared him last night. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu to taste the jam and his fear will go away too. She insists Abhimanyu. Manjiri says the jam saved Ruhi’s bitter days.

Abhinav helps Akshara in packing her stuffs. Akshara receives Abhimanyu’s voice note. Abhimanyu thanks Abhinav for helping in sending jam. Akshara instruct Abhir and Abhinav before going to Udaipur. Abhir asks Akshara not to feel bad as they are with them.

Kairav confront Mahima and Abhimanyu for not allowing specialist in the Birla hospital. Abhimanyu assures Kairav that Arohi is stable. He adds nothing will happen to Arohi and promise Kairav. Manjiri overhears Abhimanyu and Kairav’s talk.

Abhinav gets restless thinking Akshara going to Udaipur. Muskaan says to Abhinav that she heard his conversation. Abinav shares with Muskaan that he don’t have a problem with Akshara going back to Udaipur after 6 years, but he fear she is going back. Muskaan says to Abhinav that it is not his fear but his love for Akshara. Abhinav gets confused over his feelings. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Arohi asks Abhimanyu if Akshara has send the jam from Himanchal. Manish gets excited to learn Akshara is returning to Udaipur.

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