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Today’s episode starts with Mauri telling to Kartik that she is taking Kairav with her to the market. Kartik asks Mauri not to purchase chocolate for Kairav. Sirat and Kartik is left alone. Sirat gets irk with Kartik for accepting the challenge. She shouts at Kartik and ask him if he knows about Kabadi. Sirat ask if she know about game rule. Kartik says No. Sirat gets furious and ask Kartik when Mukesh was challenging her than why he jumped and accepted the challenge. There, Mukesh asks his boys to break Kartik’s bones. He ask Kartik should get insulted in front of villager and asks to call all. Meanwhile, Kartik set up for his meeting. Sirat take tension for the match. Kartik start his meeting. Sirat call Rohan to make a team. Rohan tell to Sirat that he is not in Jaisalmer. Sirat don’t tell Rohan about the match. Here, Kartik do his meeting. Kairav come back home with car. Mauri tell to Kartik that he asked not to purchase chocolate thus, she got him car. Mainsh, Kartik and others sit shocked. Mainsh asks Kartik to concentrate on meeting. Mauri ask Kartik if he need anything. Kartik says no. He tell to Mauri about his meeting. Mauri get surprised learning meeting on mobile. Kartik asks Mauri to wait for a while as he will finish the meeting and will talk with her later.

Ahead, Kartik’s meeting is done. Sirat come and inform Karitk that no one from the village is saying yes to be in their team and fight against Mukesh. She says neither she nor her father have ever played Kabadi. Kartik think Manish and Akhilesh is Kabadi champion. He decides to seek their help. Mainsh don’t receive Kartik’s call. He recall how Sirat insult him. Mainsh call back Kartik. Kartik apologize to Mainsh. He further tell Mainsh about Mukesh’s challenge and ask him to come to Jaisalmer along with Akhilesh and Luv-Kush. Manish gets irked with Kartik learning about Kabadi challenge and breaks his ties with him. He asks Kartik not to return back home.

Sirat over hear Mainsh and Kartik’s talk. She ask Kartik to return back home. Mainsh inform Goenka’s about Kabadi match. He says he hate Sirat. Rhea and Surekha speak against Sirat. Suwarna tries to make Mainsh understand that Kartik need him the most. Mainsh get adamant not to favour Kartik. There, Sirat ask Kartik to return back home as his family loves him a lot. Other side, Akhilesh and Luv-Kush makes an excuse to walk out from the house. Further, Kartik decide to play a match. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sirat and Kartik practice for Kabadi. Mukesh plot against Kartik.