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Today’s episode starts with Goenka’s and Singhania’s asks Kartik and Naira to give baby to them. Kartik and Naira asks to see the baby from the far. Suhasini look for kajal. Kaira asks Suhasini not to put kajal on baby’s cheek. Krish says to Kartik not to let this happen as when we grow old and see pictures it’s weird. Krishna thinks none put Kajal to her. Suahsini says she got the kajal for Kaira. She applies the Kajal.

Ahead, everyone out their struggles to decide who will perform the ritual with the baby first. Devyani says lets one by one call baby and to who so ever voice baby reacts that person will first perform the ritual. Baby reacts on Manish’s voice. Kartik brings Manish. Manish refuses to go to baby. Kartik takes Manish to baby and performs the ritual.

Later that day, Kartik prepares time schedule for Naira. Naira says to him that baby’s don’t work according to them instead they have to schedule their time according to her. Kartik shows picture collage of baby from day 1.

Further, Goenka’s again gets ready to celebrate second ritual of baby. Keerti asks Naksh now everything is sorted and they can tell the truth to all. Naksh says today is big day for Naira. Keerti says how long they will wait to tell the truth to the family. Naksh asks Keerti to do whatever she wants. Krish over hears Krishna and Naksh’s talk.

Other side, Kartik gets smitten seeing Naira. Naira says Manish have to sit close to cradle. Krishna brings Manish. Kartik asks Manish to sit. Krishna says he will accompany Manish.

Here, Gayu thinks no one was this excited for Vatsal’s ritual. Priest come and asks Goenak’s to start the ritual. Naira gets the present for the occasion. Naksh gives their childhood toy to Naira’s baby. There, Manish looks for Kartik. Krishna tries to divert Manish and hatches a plan.

Episode ends with Suwarna applying Mehendi on Naira’s hand.

Precap: Manish plays with baby and her life at risk.