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Today’s episode starts with Sirat finding Akshu’s socks. She calls out for Kartik. Kartik sees Akshu’s socks and says his daughter might be around. Sirat says Akshu might crawl and came out. Kartik refuses to believe that Akshu can crawl. He shouts at Sirat. Sirat shouts at Kartik back and says Akshu is his daughter than doesn’t mean he can only be right for her. Kartik goes with police to search for Akshu. Sirat prays to God to send Akshu back as none is believing her.

Sirat finds Akshu. Goenka’s gets happy seeing Akshu crawling. Kartik and others hugs and play with Akshu. Kairav decides to keep party for Akshu’s sake. Vansh gets happy. Suwarna says before party they need to perform small ritual for Akshu. Kartik recalls about Naira. He thinks Naira telling him about their daughter. Back to reality; Kartik hugs Akshu tightly. Meanwhile, Sirat recalls Goenka’s harsh word for her. She leaves the place.

Kartik finds Sirat missing. He goes to meet her. Sirat recalls Goenka’s accusation and asks Kartik to cancel his decision of marrying her. She says she doesn’t have left confidence to take care of his children. Mauri asks Kartik if he wants she will talk with Sirat. Kartik refuses and says he will talk with Sirat. Here, Suwarna says Akshu is safe. Gayu says Naira takes care of everything. Suwarna says they accused Sirat but she only help them getting Akshu back. Mainsh says she doesn’t do any favour as Sirat only missed Akshu. Suhasini asks Mainsh and Suwarna to stop the argument. She asks all to take care of Akshu.

Other side, Sirat and Kartik talks with each other. She says to Kartik that she can’t handle kids because she is not their mother. Kartik asks Sirat not to be his children’s mother as he expects her to be Sirat only for them. He adds he wants her to be with his children. Kartik says to Sirat he will not force her and she can cancel the wedding. Before leaving, Kartik says to Sirat that Akshu might like her too thus, she crawl and came to her only. Sirat stands shocked.

Later on, Goenka’s perform ritual for Akshu. Sirat and Kartik both makes Akshu wear anklet together. Ahead, Goenka’s dance with Akshu. Sheela thinks to sleep before Mauri throws her out from the house. She takes Sonu with her too. Sirat plays with Akshu. Kartik comes and tells to Sirat to get ready tomorrow as they will meet new coach. He asks Sirat not to worry as he will accompany her too.

Precap: Sirat tells to Kartik about Ranveer. Ranveer marks his entry.