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Today’s episode starts with Naira seeing the ultra-sound report of her first child and miss her. She says to Kartik if her child would have alive than her age would have been similar to Chori. Kartik tells to Naira that orphanage people might be coming anytime to take her. Naira wishes to keep Chori with them forever. Chori enters the room. She sees the ultra-sound report. Kaira hesitate to tell Chori about orphanage people. Naira gets Chori ready.

There, Devyani and Bhabhi Maa talks about Chori and how well she bonded with Kaira. Here, Naira gets Chori ready and Kartik tells her about orphanage people coming to take her. Chori run away saying she don’t want to go to orphanage. Kartik says to Naira that he will talk to Chori. Naira thinks why she is feeling bad, learning Chori is going far.

Kartik goes to Chori. Chori cries and pray to God not to take away this family from her as she has bonded well with them. Kartik hear Chori and thinks he is helpless and she has to leave them. Meawhile, Naira sees her file missing and asks Suwarna to stop the driver as Manish’s health report is exchanged with it. Chori hears Naira’s cry and runs too.

Naira sees fire breakout at driver room. She longs for her file. Chori saves the file by risking her life. Kartik saves Chori from the fire. Chori faints giving Naira her daughter’s file. Goenka’s panic.

There, Keerti relax and thinks Aditya didn’t call her. She further thinks about the picture and search for it. Here, Goenka’s pray for Chori’s recovery. Chori gains her consciousness. Kaira gets angry on her for risking her life. Chori gets excited seeing the funky bandage. Kaira hears her with surprise. Later, Chori learns that Sudha is coming to take her back. Chori decides to trick Kaira.

Here, Gayu brings gift for Chori. Suwarns, Surekah and Akhilesh thinks, Chori always lighten their mood. Surekha reveals post adoption one family was treating the child badly. Akhilesh says now adoption process is strict. Kaira over hearr the talk and stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik decides to stop Chori from going to orphanage. Suhasini returns back.