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Abhira and Ruhi’s lives will be in danger. Whom will Arman save? Find out the details below.

In today’s episode, Abhira asks Ruhi how she visited them. Ruhi says she came to help them.
Abhira asks Ruhi for the surprise. Ruhi gives divorce papers to Abhira. Abhira gets interrupted. Arman asks Ruhi why she visited them. Ruhi dreams about spending her life with Arman. Arman says they don’t have any future together. Ruhi asks Arman to give divorce to Abhira. Arman refused to give divorce to Abhira. He says he will be separated from Abhira within three months. Ruhi tells Arman that she has promised Manish to make her meet Arman.

Arman gets restless. He decides to help Abhira and Ruhi both. Abhira thinks about Arman. Arman helps Abhira. He asks Abhira to take care of herself. Abhira says that until Arman is around, she feels safe. Arman thinks about Ruhi’s demand.

Elsewhere, Abhira gets smitten seeing Arman. Arman and Abhira fall on each other. They share an eye-lock. Manish tells Swarna that Ruhi still loves her ex. Swarna gets shocked to learn that Ruhi still loves her boyfriend. She gets angry.

In the upcoming episode, Arman will look for Ruhi. Ruhi will demand that Arman save her. Abhira will fall into trouble too. Arman will struggle to save both the ladies. Whom will Arman save amid Abhira and Ruhi? Time will only tell. 

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