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Amid the riot drama, Abhira and Arman will get separated forever in the longest-running show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. 

In today’s episode, Krish asks Abhira to forgive Arman and give him a chance. Ruhi decides to move on in her life.

Madhav asks the constable to look after Arman. Arman says he is not like Madhav, who keeps escaping. Vidya asks Madhav to leave Arman. Madhav asks Vidya to give him money and take Arman. Vidya breaks her tie with Madhav. 

Arman thanks Vidya for coming. Vidya questions Arman for not returning home. He says Arman has changed. Arman accuses Madhav of his condition. He decides to go to Abhira and fix his relationship. Arman says that because of Madhav, Abhira is not forgiving him.

Abhira gets happy to see Arman. Arman tightly hugs Abhira. Abhira asks Arman to win her trust. Arman asks Abhira to give him a chance. Abhira fears Arman will leave her. Arman tries to convince Abhira to understand his love. Abhira confesses her love to Arman. She asks Arman to leave, as she is not her priority. Abhira asks Arman to give her time to rethink. Arman decides to wait for Abhira.

In the upcoming episode, Arman will express his love for Abhira. Abhira will learn that Ruhi is Arman’s first love. She will ask Arman to stay away from her forever. Will Arman be able to convince Abhira to accept his love? 

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