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India’s longest-running show is all set for the grand wedding of this generation. Arman and Ruhi’s wedding will have a twist. Madhav will prove that Arman and Abhira are not divorced. Read the full story here:

In today’s episode, Abhira complained to God for messing with her life always. She gets a job offer from a wedding planning company. Abhira takes up the job to save her hotel. Abhira’s boss decides to do her makeover.

Kaveri, Vidya, and Manisha wait for a wedding planner. Kaveri’s health worsens. Vidya asks Manisha to do the meeting with the wedding planner on their behalf. She decides to take back Kaveri. Abhira decides to do the meeting with the client.

Abhira bumps into Kaveri’s car. Kaveri and Vidya have doubts about Abhira. Abhira bumps into Manisha. Manisha asks Abhira why she is ignoring her. Abhira says she doesn’t’ want Manisha to fall into any trouble. Abhira learns that she is the wedding planner for Arman and Ruhi. Manisha is stunned. Abhira decides to go back.

Later, Sanjay asks Kaveri to break Abhira’s confidence instead of taking her job. He asks Kaveri to humiliate Abhira. Kaveri gets convinced.

In the upcoming episode, Abhira will plan Arman and Ruhi’s wedding. Ruhi will get insecure. Madhav will bring a twist to Ruhi and Arman’s wedding. He will tell the family that Abhira and Arman’s divorce was not granted. How will Abhira and Arman react to their divorce? Time will only tell.

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