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Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will celebrate Ram Navmi. Rohit will stun the poddars. Will Ruhi go back to Rohit. 

In today’s episode, Abhira thanks Arman for taking her side against his family. Arman says he just tried. Abhira likes Arman. She thinks about Arman. Manisha tells Abhira that no one will eat the custard she makes. Abhira says she has another reason to prepare custard. Vidya asks Manisha to prepare for Ram Navmi.

Manish remembers Akshara. Swarna learned Manish tried to contact Akshara. Manish says that in their absence, Akshara’s kids will support Ruhi. Swarna gets emotional.

Abhira decides to convince Kaveri and Sanjay. Ruhi fights with Abhira about increasing Arman’s problem. Abhira says she is thinking about Arman. Ruhi says she won’t let Abhira hurt Arman anymore. She asks Abhira to consider Arman’s favor. Abhira says she thinks about Arman. She decides to go to Sanjay’s place. Ruhi stops Abhira. She pushes Abhira. Abhira gets hurt.

Abhira asks Arman how he can skip Krish’s dance performance. Arman says he has to attend a meeting. Abhira and Arman fight. Ruhi interrupts Abhira and Arman. Abhira questions Ruhi about interrupting her. Ruhi expects Arman to take a stand for her. Abhira decides to attend Krish’s performance. Arman asks Ruhi to follow Abhira. Ruhi gets shocked. 

In the upcoming episode, Abhira will realize her love for Arman. Arman will break Abhira’s heart by considering her his responsibility. Will Arman realize his feelings for Abhira? Time will only tell.

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