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The upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will bring a major twist to the show when Arman will tell Abhira the shocking truth about his relationship with Ruhi. 

In the recent episode, Arman praises Abhira on stage. He regrets troubling Abhira in the past. Arman apologizes to Abhira. Abhira is targeted by the other students. Abhira is accused of marrying Arman for money. The other students question Abhira and Arman’s relationship. Arman takes a stand for Abhira. Abhira accuses Arman of ruining her big day. Arman asks Abhira to listen to him once. Madhav arrests Arman for troubling Abhira.

Arman questions Madhav for locking him up in jail. He requests that Madhav let him go because he chooses Abhira over his family. Madhav refuses to listen to Arman. Arman says he wants Abhira’s forgiveness and has to go back to the Poddar house. Madhav asks the constable to file a chargesheet against Arman.

Kajal asks Madhav why he is not telling anyone that Abhira and Arman are still married. Madhav says he is trying to protect Abhira. He says he won’t let Arman and Abhira’s have the same faith as his. 

In the upcoming episode, Ruhi will bail Arman. Arman will go back to Abhira. Abhira will refuse to accept Arman. Arman will decide to wait for Abhira’s forgiveness. In the meantime, Abhira and Arman will be attacked by the goons. Abhira will take care of Arman. Arman will decide to tell Ruhi’s truth to Abhira. Will Abhira accept Arman and Ruhi’s relationship? 

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