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High-voltage drama in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Arman and Ruhi’s relationship truth will bring a shocking twist to the longest-running show. More details are below.

In today’s episode, Arman learns that both Ruhi and Abhira’s lives are in danger. Kaveri calls Arman. She inquires about Ruhi and Abhira. Arman tells Ruhi and Abhira they are in danger. He feels weak. Kaveri encourages Arman to save Abhira and Ruhi. The poddars get shocked. Arman gets a call from Goon. Goon gives Arman 21 minutes to save Abhira or Ruhi. Abhira demands that Arman save Ruhi. Arman gets shocked.

Goon asks Abhira if she is not scared. Abhira says she is not scared. Arman asks God to help Abhira. He thinks Abhira is capable of rescuing herself. The goon targets Ruhi.

Manish, Swarna, and Surekha learn about Ruhi. They worry about Ruhi. Arman races against the clock to save Ruhi. He worries about Abhira. The goon asks Arman to gear up. Abhira attempts to rescue herself. Goon troubles Ruhi. Ruhi pleads to leave her. Goon throws Ruhi from the cliff. Arman saves Ruhi on time.

In the upcoming episode, Arman will think he lost Abhira. Abhira will surprise Arman. Later, Arman will decide to tell about Ruhi to Abhira. Abhira will decide to reunite Arman and Ruhi before leaving him. Will Arman let go Abhira? Time will only tell.

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