The ardent fan that follows the Star Plus’s drama that already showcased generations of relationships and still is doing so- Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- can echo our title question in their head. After Mihir came in the picture, he has supposedly been a third angle in the warm love story between Kartik and Naira, at least in Kartik’s heart. The warm love between the gorgeous pair is turning cold all due to Kartik’s jealousy and insecurities concerning Mihir and Naira’s budding bond. In earlier episodes we witnessed Kartik getting insecure and jealous because of Naira getting all the attention and success. And now amidst the chaos of the duo been caught up into a fight where a gang of goons attacks them mercilessly, Kartik is becoming more and weaker as a man and a lover.

Kartik and Naira go up for a romantic getaway and coincidentally gangsters surround them and attack. Kartik tries to protect Naira but a severe attack by a goon in his head will have him fainted and Naira at the mercy of those goons. Right then enters Mihir with his friends to protect the duo from the gangster attack. Upon waking up from his unconsciousness, Kartik realizes what has transpired. He blames himself for his inability to protect his love and feels anxious. At the same time, he doesn’t like the fact that their savior is none other than Mihir. His jealousy and insecurity will add to the already sinking feeling within him.

Later in the episode, Naira will lovingly tend to his wounds given by the gangsters, unbeknownst to the internal wounds he is giving himself that can slowly turn him to become a different person altogether. All these are hinting for some kind of distance or separation in the near future. We hope all of these to be just our doubts. Keep watching this space for more news.

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