In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akhil will walk into the banned swimming pool with the intention of dying. Karthik, Samarth and Naksh will jump into the pool to save Akhil. Naira will get panicked remembering her dream and tries to run towards Karthik however Swarna stops her. Akhil will be safely brought back to ground and they all rush to the hospital. Naira will be relieved that nothing bad happened but she slips and falls into the pool full of gravel. Karthik will feel something is amiss and rush back to pool and see Naira drowning.

Swarna will inform staff to take Vansh and Kairav home. The drivers will wonder where Naira and Jolly is. Hearing this Kairav too goes with them back to pool to search. Karthik will try to pull Naira but her legs will be trapped by net and ropes underneath the water and Karthik will also fall. He will manage to release her and they both will come up for air. Karthik’s beard and moustache gets lost and Kairav along with drivers sees this from afar. Kairav will recognize the chain Karthik is wearing is the same as the one Jolly wears. He will run away.

Naira and Karthik will hope his identity is safe. Vansh will wait near the car and ask Kairav where was he. Just then Naira and Karthik aka Jolly comes. Kairav will again notice the chain. Naira will tell the kids that she slipped in the pool but she is alright as Kairav’s dad saved her.

Naira and Akhil gets checked up in hospital. Naira has hurt her head and gets bandaged. Akhil regains consciousness and the doctor will advice the family to show him to a counsellor as Akhil keeps repeating he want to die. Akhil will tell family he will go away. Naira will tell everyone that Surekha has forgiven him and its upto the rest of you. Karthik will agree with Naira and everyone will forgive Akhil.

Jolly and Naira goes to the canteen to pick up the kids. Kairav will pull Karthik’s beard and mustache exposing him. He yells he tried to fool him but he found out the truth. Akhil will be back at the Goenka house. All will be shocked to see Karthik without his disguise coming with Naira. Kairav will tell them Karthik fooled me as his old and new papa is the same.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned.