Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is having its main focus on Kartik and his innovative ways to win Kairav’s heart. As of now, all his plans have been ending in failure but his efforts are also flowing endlessly.

Taking the situation to his help, Kartik is using Kairav’s birthday party top win his heart. At the peak of the party everyone will be dancing and enjoying the event. Kartik will offer a kachori to Kairav but he will ignore Kartik and will accept the kachori from Naira’s hands. Later Kartik will get a special gift from Naira’s hands.

Later, some guests will make some weird and awkward comments about them. Meanwhile, Kairav will get shocked by the magician’s thrilling performance. Startled Kairav will run away from Kartik. Both Kartik and Naira will be following Kairav.

While running away from fear, Kairav will get to the road and will not stop. Leaving Kartik and Naira in panic state they will try to stop Kairav from going across the road. At last, Kairav will faint and Kartik & Naira will rush him to the hospital.

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