Naira gets trapped in a room from which where nitrogen starts seeping out after a cylinder falls.
Here, Kartik is annoyed at Kairav’s mother disappearance. He lashes out at her irresponsibility in front of Lisa. Lisa shuts him up saying she has fought a lot even though its not easy to be a mother and father both to a child.
Kartik says sorry and asks Lisa to go and look for Kairav’s mother. Pallavi asks Lisa to send for Kairav’s mother to the surgeon so that he can talk to her.
Meanwhile, Kartik and Lisa hear ward boys talking about someone being trapped in nitrogen leaking room and that it could be Kairav’s mom. Both Kartik and Lisa hear this and rush towards the room.
Lisa begs Kartik to save her friend’s life and he assures her he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. The wardboys instruct Kartik how to move inside the room and tell him to put the oxygen mask on Naira once he is inside. Kartik gets inside through the duct.
Once inside, Kartik gets hold of oxygen mask and cylinder. He helps Naira get up and removes the scarf that was covering her face. Kartik is shocked to see Naira and cannot believe his eyes. Naira coughs and Kartik takes her name. Naira is shocked too seeing him. He hugs her tight seeing her alive. But Naira falls unconscious soon.

Kartik gets her out of the room. He is frantic seeing Naira unconscious but the doctor reassures him that she will get regain consciousness soon and will be fine.
Kartik happily cries and tells everyone that she is his wife. Everyone thought she was dead but he knew she was alive. His last conversation with Naira came to his mind before Naira left. He apologizes to an unconscious Naira and says he wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again. He says sorry and asks her if she will forgive him.
Now, in the upcoming episode, we will see Kartik walking down the memory lane and struggles to accept reality while Naira decide to apologize to him. Later, he vows to save Kairav.
Will Naira forgive Kartik? Will Kartik forgive Naira? What will happen to Vedika? How will everyone react?
Pheww so many questions. For answers keep watching the show and keep reading this space.
Until then, let’s keep bizzzzinnn’!!!!



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