In the latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Swarna goes ballastic on Kartik and ask if he is getting married to Vedika under pressure.
Swarna yells at Kartik and is scattered at the thought of Kartik forcing himself in a marriage with Vedika.


Kartik says he isn’t running from the marriage and had only gone to get office papers from the car. He doesn’t want to run away anymore. Kartik days he wants to live his life in the present and move on.
He assures Swarna that he is marrying Vedika for his own happiness.

Naira overhears Kartik saying that. She is miserable and leaves Goenka Mansion without meeting Kartik.

Swarna reminds Kartik that Vedika is suffering for no fault of hers and hence Kartik should think about whether he really wants to marry Vedika or not.

Meanwhile, Naira is in tears thinking about Kartiks words. She runs back to the hospital.
At the hospital, Lisa questions Naira if she was able to speak to Kartik.

Naira tells Lisa about what she heard Kartik saying and says they are going their separate ways.

Later, on his way to the hospital Kartik keeps wondering about his connection with the boy and it affects him so much.

Naira and Lisa are informed that Kairav is ready for operation. Naira ignores Lisa’s questions.

Here, Kartik sees Lisa and asks about Kairav’s health. He said he wanted to meet his mother to which Lisa doesn’t reply anything.
Kartik rushed to see Kairav and he is excited and happy to see him. Lisa looks for Naira.

Kairav tells Kartik that he knows about how Kartik is also scared of syringes like him and he also fainted once at its sight. Kartik is shocked at his words.

Dr. Pallavi is upset seeing Kartik at the hospital. She tells him he should be equally concerned for Vedika and his family. Kairav asks Kartik to go and meet his mother while praying that his parents meet and never get separated again.

Now, in the upcoming episode we will see how Naira will fall unconscious as she is unable to come out of the nitrogen room. Meanwhile, Kartik rushes to save Kairav’s mother and finds himself in for a big surprise.

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