Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai airing in Star Plus is bringing some real drama when Kartik is trying his level best to win Kairav’s heart. Almost all his plans ending up in failure, Kartik is refusing to give up on Kairav.

The most recent event which Kartik chose to get close to Kairav is his birthday party where Kairav ends up yelling at Kartik for his intrusive behaviour. Kartik will thank Naira for offering him a gift.

During the birthday celebration, Kartik will recall the past. Meanwhile, Kairav while seeing the cake will remember Naira and will refuse to cut the cake. Kairav will further create a scene and will accuse Kartik of his ill behaviour.

In spite of Kartik trying almost everything to win Kairav’s heart everything is going in a negative way for Kartik. Kartik will try to make Kairav understand but in vain. Kairav will push Kartik and saw that he hates him. Hearing those bitter words from Kairav, Kartik will be shocked and devastated.

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