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Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for a high-voltage drama. Madhav will arrest Arman for troubling Abhira. But Abhira will take Arman’s side.

In the current episode, Arman gifts a car to Abhira. Abhira rejects Arman’s gift. Arman asks Abhira what problem she has. Abhira avoids Arman. Madhav asks Arman to stop luring Abhira with a materialistic gift. He says Abhira wants equal respect. Arman asks what he should do. Madhav asks Arman to figure it out himself.

Vidya asks Krish about Arman. Krish says Arman will not return without Abhira. Charu asks Vidya to make herself understand that Arman will not come without Abhira. She tells the poddars that Arman gifted a car to Abhira, which she rejected. Sanjay gets offended. Manisha takes Abhira’s side.

Madhav clicks on Abhira’s picture. Abhira sees the camera and asks about it. Madhav avoids Abhira’s question. Arman thinks Madhav never loved him or Rohit. He gets happy thinking Madhav is a perfect father to Abhira. 

Later, Sanjay sabotages Abhira’s certificate. Arman notices Sanjay. Sanjay taunts Abhira. Abhira sees Arman. She stops Arman from taking any action. Madhav worries about Abhira. 

In the upcoming episode, Abhira will face accusations of getting special treatment because of Arman. She will accuse Arman of ruining her day. Madhav will arrest Arman. Abhira will take Arman’s side. Will Madhav let Abhira and Arman reunite? Will Abhira forgive Arman? Keep watching the show!

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